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Small Business Ideas that Don't Require a Lot of Capital


Don't give up on launching a business because you don't have a lot of money in savings. Small business ideas that don't require a lot of capital have helped many moms work from home. There are many ideas to choose from, in different industries. You're sure to find one that matches your experience, talents and skills. It takes time to build a business, whether or not you have a lot of capital, and having less money motivates you to work that much harder.

Homemade Soup Business

Take your cooking skills to your community, with your own homemade soup business. You'll need access to a kitchen that's considered "commercial" by the health department. Ask a local organization if you can lease their kitchen weekly to cook your homemade soup. You don't have to invest money in upgrading your own kitchen to pass inspections.

Market your soups to area stores, such as coffee shops, delis, cafes in corporate buildings and produce stands. You can also sell directly to other families. The cost to get started consists of packaging materials for your soup, ingredients and a small fee to pay to use a commercial kitchen. As you sell soups, you can reinvest the money you earn after you pay your bills to make more soups and market the business.

Sell Eggs and Baby Chicks

Small business ideas for rural moms often involve selling to the public the products they already use for their homes. For example, if you raise chickens and eggs, consider selling extra to residents in  your community. You can compete with the supermarket by selling natural eggs, free of hormones and chemicals that families want to avoid. More people want to buy local goods as well, and they'd rather spend their dollars with you than with a supermarket chain. Some people want to raise their own chickens, so there's an opportunity to sell one or two day old chicks as well.

Music Teacher

Music is a powerful tool that can help students improve their thinking skills. If you've got music training and experience, help others learn what you know. Decide which population you would enjoy working with most, such as homeschoolers or adults. Charge them an hourly rate and sell the workbooks to accompany your teaching. Find wholesale distributors that sell music materials and mark up the costs to match retail prices. It's a great business to do at home, and you can even hold group sessions if you have the space for it.  Create your own music curriculum and workbooks and offer them for sale on the Internet, through the mail or at conventions, as additional way to earn money. You can also submit a proposal to a publisher of music books to publish it for you.

There's a lot of emphasis on online businesses for work-at-home moms, but these traditional small business ideas are time tested and they don't require a lot of capital.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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