Slumber Parties: A WAHM's Guide


Slumber Parties is a company that offers an opportunity to start a home-based business by hosting in-home parties for women who are 18 and over. Products featured include lotions, creams, lingerie, games, spa items, bedroom accessories and other types of sexual and sensual aid products. The items are presented in an educational and fun way so that women of all ages are comfortable buying and using them in a discreet fashion. The Slumber Parties opportunity also offers a chance to mentor other women in starting home-based businesses.


Start-up kits include one that costs $250 ($500 worth of products), $500 ($1000 worth of products) and $1000 ($2200 worth of products). The kits include business cards, bags, products, order forms and other essential starting items. You must also pay appropriate sales tax and low UPS shipping charges. At times, the kits are offered at discount rates from the regular price.

The new consultant discount is 60% off on all retail products in the first 30 days. After that, a 40% discount is offered. When the anniversary is reached, a 60% discount for that entire calendar month occurs. Discount levels never go below 40% and are regularly raised up to 45%, 50% and 53% based upon recruitment. Products are also offered by the case for an even greater profit margin. Business Booster Kits are offered for new consultants, which include special advertising and business growth instructions. Monthly car allowances, sponsor and product bonuses, jewelry, vacations, convention shopping credits, electronics and many other prizes are also offered as sales incentives.

Slumber Parties offers a general Leave of Absence Program, a Military Leave of Absence Program, a Retirement Program and opportunities to obtain health insurance at a reduced cost outside of the company.


You must purchase $200 worth of retail products every 2 calendar months in order to stay active in the company. Parties may only be provided for women 18 and over and no men are allowed. You will also need to provide a private order room for clients to ensure their comfort and discretion. Use the live technical support and downloadable media and training materials which are upgraded on a regular basis. The free party management system can help you keep organized. Professionally designed recruit invitations and the pre-approved online advertisement generator can be used with the free party leads to build and grow your business.

Is It for You?

Women who are interested in being financially independent and simply want to earn extra money can benefit from becoming a Slumber Parties consultant. The training programs include professional training DVDs, monthly New Distributor chats, weekly chats and professional corporate training throughout the United States. Team leaders hold informative meetings to assist with business growth and consultant motivation. The distributor handbook offers product information sheets so that consultants can keep and remain up to date on the products offered.


The company also has a not-for-profit organization called Slumber Parties Actively Restoring Character and Spirit ( The goal of that organization is to assist women with financial hardship challenges by providing holiday gifts, bill payment, groceries, new vehicles and other essential items that will enhance the lives of women in need.


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