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Single Parent Families: 3 Tips for Overcoming Challenges


Single parent families are common in virtually all parts of the United States. If you're a single parent working to raise one or more children while you simultaneously try to maintain a job and a host of other obligations, you're likely to have many issues that you'll have to deal with. Many of these can be quite difficult for you as a single parent, if not entirely overwhelming. Read on for a few helpful tips in overcoming these challenges.

1. Find Time for Yourself

One of the most difficult challenges of any single parent is having time for herself. If you're busy caring for a child, working and maintaining your home, you are less likely to have time to do the things that you like to do for yourself as well. In order to ensure that you will have adequate time to relieve yourself from the stress of your other obligations, it's important to give yourself time away to do the things that you want to do.

Ensure that you have time away from your children if at all possible. Setting a regular time once per week when you can have a short period of time to yourself will be very helpful in containing your stress levels and remaining happy.

2. Make Use of Support Groups

Because your social life can oftentimes be hindered severely by the obligations of being a single parent, it's important that you continue to develop friendships. Other single parents will be very helpful in coming up with ways to deal with the problems that you face, and having a single parents support group is a great way to meet new people who have similar situations and experiences to yours. You can either work to set up your own single parents support group, or you can look for one in your area that already exists.

3. Make Use of Child Care

If you have to work while your child is away from school or otherwise in your care, it's crucial that you make use of child care services in order to keep him safe. This is particularly true if you have a younger child, as older children may be able to care for themselves in certain situations. Hire a babysitter in your area, or make an arrangement with other families in your close vicinity to have them watch over your child in exchange for your care at certain times.

Although the challenges of being a single parent can be very difficult, know that there are resources which are available to you and which can help to make your job easier. For more information, consult with representatives at your child's school or with other single parents in your area, or find a single parent support group to join as well.

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