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Showcase Your Professional Brand Through Blogging

Your blog can be the perfect place to demonstrate your professional skills and establish business connections. If you don't have time to invest in starting one up, consider writing guest blog posts for others to get your foot into the door of the blogging world.

Demonstrating your professional skills through blogging enables you to feature your professional brand in a personalized space. You control the content that you share, how it is presented, and how others can interact with it. Showing your professional brand is important so that potential clients can understand what you have to offer them. Blogging is an excellent way to control your brand and offerings.

Showcasing your brand through blogging allows you to…

1. Demonstrate and highlight your best skills

2. Feature your knowledge and abilities through visual and text forms

3. Illustrate your abilities through content writing

4. Target your personal skills and specialize your abilities

5. Translate your abilities through start to final product forms

By sharing your abilities you can hone in on your craft and effectively stand out in the market. Through the self-targeted feature writing of your blogging, you can find your professional brand. The most effective way to blog about your brand is to self-create a personal blog about your professional craft.

Creating a personal blog from scratch is a massive time investment. If you don’t have the time to create a personal blog, find an existing blog within your niche that you can guest post on. To find established blogs, you can search keywords within your industry on a search engine. By guest posting on existing blogs, you share yourself to already established audiences. This is a great way to start sharing your professional brand if you don’t have the time needed for a personal blog.

If you choose to create a personal professional blog, it is a good idea to guest post on other blogs. This gets your name and brand skills out there online to larger audiences. This raises your profile and the likelihood that others, who could be potential clients, will read your material.

Through blogging consider showcasing the following:

1. Write about skills you have that others do not have. Do market research on social media outlets to find those in your niche. Determine their marketed skills, and then determine what you have to offer that they don’t. Blog about your unique abilities.

2. Share in depth about the skills and knowledge that set you apart from others in the market. To do this it requires the market research described above in #1.

3. Feature niche-specific content that helps others better teach, learn, or perform their crafts. By blogging about your professional brand, you can become the ‘go-to’ person within your specialties. This raises your online profile and marketability.

4. Share what you are about: your vision, your mission, and your passion for your work. People like personality. They like to see human traits and character. By sharing your vision, mission and passions, your blog readers will personally relate to you. Personal relations will translate to readers and clients.

By showcasing your brand through blogging, you can essentially win gigs through personalized and focused marketing. Your voice will shine through with your self-confidence, self-starter, and go-getter attitude. Become a specialized leader in your niche by detailed brand marketing through blogging.

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