Shaklee: A WAHM's Guide


The Shaklee home business model is relatively easy to begin and maintain. By selling the Shaklee company products, you will be known as an independent distributor. There are a number of ways to start learning about selling Shaklee products, many with little or no commitment until you decide to become a full-fledged distributor.


Find out through your local state small business resource center and the small business administration about how to set up your business properly. Create and organize a small business system for your use in tracking the varying commissions you receive, based upon the total sales earned. You will need this data before tax time, to help prepare your income taxes. Keep a running total with particulars about all of your business expenses. Use Excel or a small business friendly accounting system so that your data is accurate and safely recorded.


There are five earning incentives with Shaklee:

  1. Profit on product sales
  2. GOLD Ambassador Bonuses
  3. Personal Group Volume Bonuses
  4. Leadership (Organizational) Volume Bonuses
  5. Tru-Infinity Bonuses on the Vivix SalesOne

For example, Gold ambassadors receive added bonuses in addition to the standard commission. Individuals who sell to large groups recruit new distributors, and promoting product launches can also earn additional bonuses. Shaklee offers bonuses, which can also increase income. The Shaklee company also issues bonus incentives regularly through monthly specials.


Learn about Shaklee business philosophies. Study the Shaklee products and become familiar with the company's business philosophies. Use the products so that you have first-hand knowledge of what you will be selling. Begin showing and promoting the products to family, friends and business colleagues. Learn about how to solicit sales through your Shaklee website by taking advantage of the company's training resources. Use the Shaklee brochures and fliers to promote your business by keeping them available at all times.

Is It for You?

Study information about Shaklee. Conduct independent research to learn about the Shaklee opportunity. Evaluate the Shaklee business model by reviewing the information that is offered at the company website. Decide if the Shaklee home business is something that you could have a passion for. Successful Shaklee distributors are truly interested in eco-friendly living and are willing to spend the time necessary to build a business network of customers.

Despite the fact that Shaklee is a recognized brand, home distributors need to network continually and engage in advertising to find enough customers in order to generate sufficient sales for the home business to be profitable. Review, study and choose one of the three Shaklee distribution options offered.


Options offered include the following:

  • The first option, the Gold Ambassador, includes a welcome kit and cost approximately $299 as of 2010. The kit includes a personal website from which to sell products online. Product action kits can also be used to promote the new business.
  • The Distributor is the second option, which costs $39.95 as of 2010. With this option you will receive brochures and distributor support from Shaklee's resource center.
  • Finally, the last option as a member costs approximately $15 with coupons, a catalog and a chance to become a distributor in the future. Members can first try the products before deciding whether or not to sell them.

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