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SeneGence Cosmetics: A WAHM's Guide


SeneGence Cosmetics was created by Joni Rogers Kanti who was looking to make her dreams of helping others a reality. She was single mother when she decided to push forward with her dream and has since created numerous opportunities for women. The company has been in business for more than nine years. SeneGence Cosmetics is the creator of a line of patented, long lasting cosmetics. Distributors have an opportunity to sell semi-permanent make up to women interested in improving their appearance. Distributors are expected to sell the product in either an in-home environment, through trade shows, in office demonstrations or through retail opportunities.


To become a distributor of SeneGence Cosmetic products, you must have a sponsor. Without a sponsor, the application cannot be completed. If you do not have a sponsor, the company has a link for you to find one. After you find a sponsor, you can then complete the application process. The start up fee ranges from $45.00 to $315 and includes a sales packet or business supplies selected by the company. The $315 starter fee includes training DVD's 25 customers, demonstration materials, marketing supplies and product testers. Each starter kit includes a free gift. Products are sold in the United States, Australia and Canada giving distributors more reaching power. The company also supplies a website to each distributor for a fee of $30 a month. Distributors are selling products to women interested in low maintenance make up. SeneGence Cosmetics are semi-permanent, which means less time touching up.


Distributors earn commission based on their sales. Their pay is per sale basis, which means less time waiting for a check. The pay is immediate after a sale. Each sale earns distributors 25% to 50% of the profit, which is deducted instantly. Each distributor determines their pay rate and can earn a handsome full-time or part-time income. Top earners with SeneGence have earned upwards of $14,000. However, most distributors make around $2,000 a month.


Sales is one of the best ways to make an instant profit along with money earned from your down line. However, the best way to make money is through sponsoring other distributors. In order to remain an active distributor with the company each quarter, a sales quota of 100 personal volume is required. To meet that quota, distributors should build a strong down line. You and your down line are also eligible to receive a Group Sales Volume bonus for high sales as a team. Recruiting a strong team of distributors will not only increase your earnings and potential to make bonus, but it will also create more opportunities to sell by joining forces and starting events.

Is It for You?

SeneGence Cosmetics is a great opportunity for the stay-at-home parent who loves cosmetics and enjoys sharing new make up and ideas about make up with friends and family. They are good organizers and understand how to interact with people. People who are not afraid to jump start a conversation no matter where they are can go far in the business. Stay-at-home parents have a great advantage because they can interact with other parents and get them involved.


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