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Save Money Every Day by Cutting out the Little Things


It is easy to save money every day if you make some very basic changes in your spending habits. People may avoid making simple cost-cutting changes because they think that they will be too insignificant to make much of an impact. The fact is that a person's overall financial status can change from negative to positive, by implementing very small changes that together, add up to a lot of savings. Below are some easy and painless ways to save money every day.

Bring Your Own

Make your own coffee, tea or other beverage rather than buying it at the local coffee house. Use a portable beverage cup when you leave home. Even if only $1 is spent a day, this adds up to a savings of around $20 or more each month. Use an eco-friendly water bottle on the road. Carrying a gallon of purified water in your car can be used to refill portable bottles and is also a good safety tip in case your car breaks down. By bringing your own beverages, you can save several hundred dollars over the course of a year.

Brown Bag It

Prepare your lunch to take to work. Doing this is not only more cost effective, but you will have more time to enjoy your lunch period at work since you won't be spending time to get to a cafe and then wait for someone else to prepare your lunch. You can take advantage of grocery store sales to decide what to make for your lunch each day, for additional savings.

Use Leftovers

Prior meal leftovers can make really great lunches for the next day. You can also create other types of meals with many of the same basic foods. A leftover roast or other form of protein can be used to make sandwiches and casseroles. When you prepare a meal, think about what other meals can come from it.

Turn It Off

When you aren't using something that uses electricity, turn it off. Lights in rooms, computers, stereos and TVs can all be turned off when not in use. For the best savings, go one step further and unplug whatever you can when it is not in use.

Pay Attention to Sales

Plan meals on a weekly basis using your local grocery store circular. Compare store circulars online. Check for drug store and pharmacy deals with coupons. Stock up on items that you use regularly when they are on sale. Consider trying different brands of items using coupons and other store deals. When shopping for clothes, go to the back of the store to find the best deals on sale items. Clip and use coupons for local department stores.

Carpool and Use Mass Transit

Save on gas and car expenses by carpooling to work. Use mass transit if possible. Many cities and employers also offer incentives for using mass transit and carpooling. Organize shopping trips with neighbors and friends to save on gas. Doing this can also be much more fun than shopping alone. Not only is car pooling and mass transit more cost effective, but it is more eco-friendly as well.

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