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Recovering From a Layoff with Freelancing

An unexpected job change doesn't have to slow you down. Here are a few ways to survive a layoff with freelance work.
Woman leaving office after being fired.

Getting laid off stinks. The feeling of failure can be frustrating and cause you to question your next career move. However, it doesn't have to stall your career. In the event of a layoff, launching a freelance career can be an exciting transition.

Why Freelancing Works

There are several advantages to working as a freelancer such as:

  • The ability to stay productive after a job loss while searching for full-time work
  • The ability to maintain an income
  • The option to work from home and on your own schedule, with more time spent honing your craft
  • Unlimited opportunities for those with specialized skills and a strong portfolio
  • The possibility of your work evolving into a full-time career

Finding Freelance Work

There are many ways to find freelance work online. Let's a took at look some of the best resources.

Twitter Keep an eye on your stream for tweets about companies looking for freelancers. You can also perform a search on Twitter with the terms "hiring freelance" and the specific role you specialize in. For example, "hiring freelance writer" will turn up results of companies looking to fill this type of position. You can get even more focused with your search using terms such as "hiring remote freelance writer" or "hiring freelance writer telecommute."

ProBlogger's Job Board is an excellent resource for expert bloggers. Both startups and established companies post jobs to the board every day for freelance contributors, copywriters and freelance writers. ProBlogger also has a blog with tips for bloggers looking to sharpen their skills.

Freelance Writing Jobs aggregates job opportunities (primarily telecommuting) such as content writing, blogging, copywriting, editing, journalism, proposal and resume writing, and miscellaneous jobs for writers. The list compiles job listings from Craigslist and other blogging job boards. A new list of jobs is posted daily Monday through Friday, so check back every day or sign up for the daily newsletter.

Freelance Switch is a community for freelancers including designers, developers, bloggers, photographers and illustrators, to name a few. You are able to view job listings for free, however, you'll need a paid subscription to apply for a job. The Freelance Switch blog is especially handy because it provides practical tips for freelancers, especially beginners.

iFreelance is a marketplace for freelancers to bid on freelance gigs. What's great about this site is freelancers keep all of the earnings from the gigs, while similar services require a percentage of earned income. Whether you're a writer, designer, developer or marketer, there are opportunities here for anyone looking to develop a strong freelance business.

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