Quicktate: A WAHM Business Guide


Quicktate is a message transcription company that you can consider as a WAHM business. They offer a variety of dictation solutions like Call Auditing, Speech Transcription and Call Auditing. Quicktate aims for quick turnarounds, accurate transcriptions and stringent security measures. As a Quicktate Typist, your function is to transcribe rapidly and exactly the messages assigned to you. You do this while also adhering to their Typist Guidelines and confidentiality policies.

Starting Out

Applying to be a Quicktate Typist requires you to fill out an online form that includes your name, contact details, work experience, and a couple of references who should not be family members. You will need to study a set of Typist Guidelines, and take their online typing test to determine your average typing speed in words per minute. A Firefox, Safari or Opera browser is needed to accomplish this. Internet Explorer, however, may not work. They will reject those who have difficulty following instructions, had a felony conviction, or whose quality of work is sub-par. Only a computer is needed for this job, although a good pair of earphones may help you, so you need not rely on your computer's speakers to listen to the messages.


You will be receiving the rate of one-fourth of a cent ($0.0025) for every word you type. An average earning of $5 to $7 per hour is the estimate if your typing speed is 50 wpm, and on the condition that you are granted enough assignments to have you typing continuously for an hour. If you apply as a Quicktate Medical Transcriptionist, you can expect to earn one-third ($0.0033) for every word you type. Payment by PayPal is sent twice a month, and within ten days following the end of the fifteenth and end of the month, unless it falls on a holiday. The payday is then moved to the next business day.


Quicktate is known as a "great 'filler' work," so you are encouraged to have another job in between transcribing messages with them. If you are frequently logged into Quicktate, you'll be given more messages to transcribe. Consistency in your work quality may lead you to being given iDictate jobs. As an iDictate Typist, you will be paid at a higher rate than at Quicktate, at half a cent ($0.005) per word you type. You can also try the Quicktate Medical Transcription at the rate of one-third of a cent for every word you type.

Is It for You?

If you have an excellent grasp of spelling, formatting, punctuation and accuracy, then being a Quicktate Typist is the job for you. Being able to follow instructions is also important for this job. Having a computer and Internet access during the day would allow you to have more opportunities to receive dictation. You also need to set aside a few hours per day to do this work. Lastly, although not required, having a pair of headphones will make your job easier.

Noteworthy Information

Quicktate's Application Programming Interface allows clients to drive more safely with their speech transcription API, wherein they can dictate their messages on the phone instead of punching the messages themselves and risking accidents.


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