Promote Yourself Through Personal Branding


If you are a sole proprietor, personal branding can help you expand your client base and earn financial success. Having a personal brand should make your name or the name of your business instantly recognizable and memorable so that potential clients will be able to easily find you. Some successful personal branding examples include Michael Jordan or Wrigley's. These are successful because they are (or were origianally) sole proprietorships which eventually became household names. Although your small business might not attain worldwide fame, you can still become well known locally with successful branding.

Your Name

Your business should have a name which is easy to remember. It doesn't have to be particularly clever; you can even use your own name if you want to. While cleverness isn't required, originality is important. Try to come up with a name which isn't too common or which is already in use. When someone types your company name into a search engine, you shouldn't have to compete with other businesses of the same name to get pageviews.

Your Logo

Once you've chosen your name, you can have a logo created which reflects aspects of your business. There are many graphics design firms which would charge you a small fortune for a logo, so try hiring a freelancer instead. If you have a general idea of what you want but don't have anything specific in mind, it can be a good idea to hold a design contest. Try starting a contest at, which boasts hundreds of very talented freelance graphics artists. A prize of between $200 and $300 is enough to entice most artists, depending on the complexity you are looking for.

Your Website and Promotional Materials

The URL of your website is an important part of branding. It should be the name of your business when possible, or at least something which is very closely related and makes sense. Once you have a logo created, you should use it in conjunction with your website and on any promotional materials you create and distribute. Designers can help you integrate your logo tastefully so that it's easily noticed without being obnoxious. Eventually, you want people to automatically associate your logo with your business. People should be aware of it and know what it represents. This will help promote awareness of your brand and in turn earn you more customers.

Further Branding

You shouldn't miss a chance to get your brand noticed whenever possible. To promote your brand to its full potential, integrate it into every available product. If you produce goods for sale, include a business card or tag with your logo and brand name. Open a blog for free on WordPress or BlogSpot, personalize it with your logo in the layout, and write about anything and everything related to your business. Join forums related to your business and include your logo, linked to your website, in your forum signature. Basically, do anything and everything you can do to get your brand seen without building a reputation for being obnoxious.

Choosing a memorable brand name, investing in a great logo, and getting both seen by as many people as possible will help promote your personal brand and bring your business success.

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