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Promote Your Website Design Business with Customer Testimonials


Customer testimonials are super effective and persuasive marketing tools to promote your website design business. Here are ways to bag great customer testimonials and include them in a cutting edge website design business promotion plan.

Offer Services at Reduced Rates

One of the best ways of building your customer testimonial portfolio is to network, and offer your web designing services at slashed introductory rates. Spread the word in your social network and advertise your services online with a special opening discount.

The moment you design a power-packed and professional website for your client, ask him to draft a compelling testimonial that outlines his experience with your services without it reading like a hardcore sales pitch. In the initial stages of the business, you can even offer free designing serves to your professional acquaintances, friends or potential online clients and get them to act as your references in the future, or draft testimonials for you in return for your services.

Utilize Social Networking Sites

You can also connect with potential clients on social networking sites, and offer them your services for free. While it may seem like a huge effort to design sites for free, keep in mind that this passive promotional method will reward you much more in the future and may well be worth more than the few dollars you've had to forgo initially. An astute entrepreneurial sense and sufficient far sightedness in building the credibility of your business to impress clients in the long haul is a shrewd marketing strategy.

You can market your business aggressively on several marketing channels available on the Internet and get customers to register their names and email addresses on landing pages to get access to free services offered by you. Get impressive testimonials compiled by them by requesting them for their valuable feedback. You can charge a modest fee and throw in free trimmings like animation and sound to get your clients to wax eloquent on your slick web designing skills.

Putting Customer Testimonials to Use

Customer testimonials are forceful, yet not completely in your face tools, to build the credibility of your enterprise by assuring potential clients of your expertise and professionalism. You can incorporate them in your business website and on landing pages of various sales pitches throughout the Internet.

Customer testimonials are brilliant add-ons even for potent email marketing campaigns. Even if you plan to send e-brochures or hard copies of business brochures to potential clients in your neighborhood, adding testimonials will give them a powerful leverage. Make sure all your sales pages contain at least one well-written testimonial that effectively highlights your skills and accentuates the virtues of working with your organization.

When real people with real names, identities and enterprises share their stories, it acts as an influential catalyst to propel clients to make a decision in your favor. Use photographs and testimonials of clients in a separate section of your website, and add a few powerful ones on the home page as well, while you're in the process of introducing your business to potential clients. When you say you are good, few are likely to believe you, but when others prove they have been happy with your services, it makes a world of difference to your marketing campaign. 

Customer testimonials, if used effectively, are cost-efficient and competent promotional tools that will give a tremendous impetus to your web designing business in its nascent stages, and even when the business is flourishing.

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