Power Pops: A WAHM's Guide


Power Pops are lollipops made out of Hoodia, a South African plant that when consumed, will help curb your hunger. Power Pops, the latest and the fastest-growing diet lollipops, are recommended by top-level dieticians and celebrities alike.

Selling a health care product is tricky, especially if one doesn't have enough information about the product. The unique selling point of Power Pops is its tagline: "eat candy and lose weight." Power Pops are supposed to be the only Hoodia product that can be consumed as a lollipop.

Starting Out

The diet business in the USA is an 80-billion-dollar industry and is growing at a rapid rate year by year. By making Power Pops an income opportunity, you will become a part of this booming industry. Simply fill out the online form to begin the process to learn about all the commissions that are available to you.

The main advantage of this business is the flexibility of the plans. There are also no target quotas or monthly goals to be reached. It gives out weekly bonuses rather than monthly bonuses. To begin, a customer has to start off by buying a Fast Start Package and then start selling.

There are 4 easy and simple plans for you to choose from:

  • For each Fast Start Package, one can make anywhere between $50 and $100 profit per box, depending on the size of the package.
  • Simply purchase from the web site and sell the pops in retail price and retain the retail profit. With this one, you might need to do one-on-one selling.
  • In the third plan, one needs to have two sales teams to sell the product. The payout is dictated by how many sales are done by the weaker team.  
  • A computer calculates the parameters and pays you accordingly.


The working plan of Power Pops is pretty simple and straightforward: The more you sell Power Pops, the more money you make. Depending on the level you are at, the profit percentages will vary between 25% and 100%.


The more associates you bring in, the more your profit increases. Power Pops ensures that a bonus is paid as you bring people to your team.

Is It for You?

The product itself is a double patented health product with a very unique selling point:  it is a candy which is enjoyed by everyone. If this intrigues you and are interested in starting your own work at home business, while helping others to loose weight and live a happy, healthy lifestyle, then this could be for you.

Noteworthy Information

This "diet on a stick" features 12 delicious flavors.

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