Passion Parties: A WAHM's Guide


Having been in operation for over 10 years, Passion Parties thrives on improving the sexual lives of women all over North America. They do so by offering sensual items designed to increase the intimacy and communication amongst couples. Their mission statement reveals their 3 goals: to offer women the opportunity to have their own business, to present items that will help promote the sexual relationships of all women, and to provide a way for women to assist other women. This way of thinking has led Passion Parties to become the top providers of sensual products in the nation.

Getting Started with Passion Parties

A woman must be 18 years old in order to become a consultant with Passion Parties. A presentation kit is required to begin facilitating parties. These starter kits range in price from $179 to $249, depending on the size and offerings within the pack. The kit comes with training materials to help you get started. Also, the consultant you sign up under will become your sponsor, as well as an excellence source if you have any problems or questions. To begin the application process, you simply have to host a party or contact a Passion Parties consultant in your area.

Making Money with Passion Parties

With Passion Parties, you receive compensation immediately upon making a sell. The products are priced 40% higher than your cost. When a client makes a purchase, you order the products at the wholesale price, earning you the 40% difference. Passion Parties also sends out monthly bonus checks based on your performance, as well as that of your team members. If you decide to work your way up through the company, you can also earn the privilege of receiving a new car or home from Passion Parties.

Thriving with Passion Parties

In order to make the most of your business, you must be willing to facilitate parties often. Begin by having parties for your friends, and you will attract more bookings from the people they invite. Also, advertising your business will be beneficial. Business cards, flyers, and a website will help expose your business to a number of people. Also, recruiting other consultants will help you increase your commissions and bonuses from the company. Maintaining a large client base is another way to make good money with this opportunity.

Is This Opportunity for You?

Passion Parties is ideal for the WAHM that has time in the evenings and weekends to conduct parties. They need to be good speakers, as they will present the products as well as the opportunity of working for Passion Parties to those attending the party. The ideal WAHM would also be comfortable with the discussion of sexual topics and the showing of sensual products to other women.

Additional Information

Running your own Passion Parties business comes with several advantages concerning income taxes, especially with deductions. If, at any time, you decide Passion Parties is not for you, the company will buy your inventory back from you. The presentation kit is only refundable if unopened, and comes with a 10% restocking fee.


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