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Part-Time Business Ideas for Expectant Mothers


Many expectant mothers are searching for part time business ideas as a form of supplementary income. There are many lucrative and legitimate business opportunities available for mothers-to-be, but it is important to avoid work from home scams. If you or someone you know is an expectant mother looking for supplementary income, try these ideas.

Become an Avon Independent Sales Representative

For only a one time $10.00 start up fee, expectant mothers can begin an Avon business as an Avon Independent Sales Representative (AISR). While Avon still provides the option for AISR's to perform traditional door-to-door selling, Avon also provides an opportunity for AISR's to become eRepresentatives. These representatives have an online store where customers purchase items from the eRepresentative, and then the items are shipped directly to customers' homes. eRepresentatives earn a 20% commission from online orders. Commission from selling out of brochures is determined by how much the AISR sells. 

Start a Scrapbooking Home Business

This idea is becoming very popular in the home business industry. It is perfect for expectant mothers who are creative and enjoy crafting. A scrapbooking home business involves making scrapbook pages or entire scrapbooks for customers. You take the customer's photos and add text and design elements to them, in order to create scrapbook pages that the customer will treasure. Many individuals choose to charge by the hour at $10.00 to $20.00 an hour, or charge by the page at approximately $5.00 to $10.00 per page (depending on the size). Talk to your local scrapbooking store about advertising with them, and spread the word to your friends and family about your new part-time scrapbooking business.

Open a Home Daycare Center

For a few hours a day, or for a couple of days a week, mothers-to-be can operate a daycare center from their home. Use a spare bedroom or den as the playroom and add a small table from which children can do activities and eat. For first-time expectant mothers, this part-time business idea can be a great way to learn and practice parenting skills. Charge hourly or daily rates similar to what daycare centers in your area charge. You can begin your business by sitting for children of your friends and family, and then grow from there. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

Use Your Skills to Freelance

Doing freelance work is a perfect way for expectant mothers to earn supplementary income. Do you enjoy writing? Are you good at web design or drawing? Turn whatever skills you have into a lucrative part-time business. If you enjoy writing, search for freelance writing and blogging opportunities online, or contact your local newspaper for available freelance positions. For expectant mothers who are good at web design, they can do freelance work creating websites for businesses and organizations. If you love to draw, you can earn supplementary income through commissioned portraits.

There are also many websites and online databases that list freelance job opportunities. Just remember that you are doing freelance work as an independent contractor, and you are responsible for paying your own taxes.

There are many part-time business ideas available for expectant mothers including becoming an Avon Independent Sales Representative, starting a scrapbooking home business, opening a home daycare center and using your skills to freelance. To avoid work from home scams, research the company or individual offering freelance work, be wary of expensive start up costs and remember the golden rule: if a part-time business opportunity sounds too good, then it probably is.

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