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Parenting Infants? How to Cope When You Have More Than One


Parenting infants can seem like an impossible task for new parents - especially when they have more than one to handle. Multiple births are an exceptional experience, and require extra amounts of time and care. However, it can be done effectively if adaptations for multiples are made.

Buy Double (or Triple) of Everything

Not having enough supplies on-hand is a common mistake for parents of multiples to make. Depending on the number of infants you have, multiply the amount of items needed for one baby by the number of babies you have. Purchasing or registering for this amount will prevent running out of anything, especially at the worst possible moments. Open items as you need them and be sure to keep receipts to return any unused items.

Getting Help from Others

Assistance from family and friends is probably the most effective strategy in parenting more than one infant. Even twins can be a handful when both are wanting attention at the same time. When someone offers to help, do not feel ashamed or inadequate in accepting their request. For the first couple months, help from others can be a great way for you to determine an effective strategy in handling multiple infants on your own. By the time they are 2-3 months old, you should be experienced enough to deal with them on your own.

Sleep When They Sleep

Though you may feel the need to clean or do laundry while they are napping, sleeping while your infants sleep is more important. This advice is given to mothers of one child, so it is even more essential for those caring for multiple babies. The dishes and clothes can wait, so sleeping while the house is quiet is best to keep you rested and ready to go when the babies awake. Priorities should be aligned so that you can care for your infants without being too exhausted.

Purchase a Useful Stroller

Some parents believe they can purchase two strollers, one for each of them to push. However, what happens when Mommy needs to run an errand and Daddy is at work? Having strollers with multiple seating is beneficial for parenting more than one infant. The styles differ, and are usually purchased on the preference of the parents. Side by side seating may be preferred by some, while others may like the tandem style better.

Avoid Relying Too Heavily on Books

Most of the general pregnancy and parenting books are devoted to those with experiencing a single birth. For this reason, it is important to use these books only as guidelines for your children. Even those that focus on parenting multiples will not have all the answers. Learn to trust your instincts above what the words on a printed page says. Every family is different, and books cannot account for every scenario you may possibly face.

When it comes to parenting infants, the situation may feel much more difficult when having more than one to care for. Once you learn to adapt and manage the care of several newborns, things will get easier.

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