Online Marketing: SEO Basics

Online marketing and SEO (SEO stands for "search engine optimization") are considered to be very popular topics when marketing your business. The reason being is that many people have their own business and they advertise online. Unknowingly, when people search for things online, there is method of why certain websites come up first. The main reason why this occurs is because these websites are dense with certain key words people are searching for. Keyword density means that the website, or parts of the website, have certain key words that are used a certain amount of times (or are used a certain percentage of the time). There are many ways to incorporate SEO into your online marketing strategies.

What Is SEO and Its importance?

SEO stands for "search engine optimization," which is essential in order to be found on the internet. There are many ways for people to find you and your business online. For example, writing articles are known to get businesses and people more exposure because of the keywords that are added in the articles. There are many recommendations from different sources on how many times the main keywords should be included in the articles or postings. Typically, in a 400 word article, the keyword density should be approximately 3 to 5 percent.  This will ensure that your website will be found when someone searches using those keywords.

Social Networking Sites

Almost everyone knows about Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. It is a small sample of social networking sites that are becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to making business contacts. The more friends or contacts you have on those sites, the more exposure for you. It would be best if you take the time to interact with the people that are on your list if you want some referrals and customers.

Create Online Videos

YouTube makes this possible for anyone to advertise themselves for free. At least everyday, people do searches on what they are looking for, and online videos are inexpensive and easy to create. Online videos are basically the same thing that is done on video cameras with the exception of uploading your video online for all to see. Uploading means sending data from a local system to a remote system. In the case of YouTube, if you use those videos to your advantage, you could explode your business with getting lots of potential customers and that's good news for business owners.

Forums and Message Boards

There are many niches that anyone can think of, but to get to the specific niche forums and message boards, search online for "niche" + "message boards" or "forums" and see what comes up. Forums and message boards are online chat rooms where anyone can leave messages by asking and replying to the postings. Everyone is able to get their own signature, which is a way you can advertise your website and/or blog.


If you have your own blog, you are ahead of the game. Blogging is basically an online journal. Unfortunately, if you do not do this right, with enough keywords sprinkled on each posting, you may never get on the first couple of pages of Google. People tend to usually click on the websites posted on the first and second pages of Google, rather than say the fifth or sixth. So again, it is quite important to have the right keyword density on your website and or in your articles.

This is a list with some ideas on how to work SEO to your advantage. If you use all of them, you would get more visitors to your website.

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