Online Marketing Dos and Donts


Online marketing is essential for business success, as it works to open business doors to a wider consumer audience. There are certain guidelines to consider when doing any online marketing to ensure the marketing efforts are worth it. These online marketing tips will help demonstrate good marketing techniques versus bad marketing techniques.


Online Marketing Dos


  • Keep website information simple and concise. Giving users what they want and need as quickly and easily as possible makes the site easy for them use. A user friendly website is one of the main factors that brings repeat traffic.

  • Use domain names that are simple and easy to remember. If no one can remember the domain name, it will be hard to gain a repeat stream of traffic.

  • Take the time to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and implement it into your website.When people find your website as a result of a search engine referral, you've got a chance to earn money without paying out advertising dollars to earn the traffic.

  • Use a short email signature. An email signature with a URL in it is a great way to get traffic to a website. Keep the signature short to ensure people will pay attention to it.

  • Stimulate interaction through your website. Use polls to find out information about your audience. Make adjustments to the website and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns according to what the data indicates.

  • Create a blog for your website. This will allow user interaction and gain traffic to a website. Update the blog frequently to capture and hold on to readers. Make sure to offer RSS subscriptions so readers are notified of any blog updates as they occur.


Online Marketing Don'ts


  • Use Blackhat SEO techniques. This kind of marketing will get the site banned from search engine listings and removed from affiliate programs that earn revenue for the site.

  • Publicize your website before it is completely ready for traffic. If people visit a site that is not ready for view, they won't take the time to come back to it when it's ready.

  • Require users to register to receive information. This usually sends people running in the other direction. If registration is required for a valid reason, keep the required registration information to a minimum to make the process easy for the user.

  • Forget the user. These are the people the website is for and the people in control of revenue. Keep them in mind for every move made.

  • Send long email messages. Users won't take the time to read the entire message. Keep it short and to the point.


By closely following these tips in online marketing campaigns, website traffic will be more likely to use the promoted product or service, earning the business money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In neglecting to follow these suggestions, business owners risk alienating their audience.

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