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Online Jobs from Home: An Introduction to Freebie Trading

Freebie trading offers those working from home the ability create an income with little financial investment.

One of the many online jobs from home is freebie trading. This type of business has no start-up costs and can result in immediate income from home. However, the negative side of these types of businesses is that you may spend your time or money and receive no return on those investments. Below is a description of freebie trading, its benefits and its drawbacks.

Freebie Trading Explained

Freebie trading is the process of receiving money by signing up for incentives or for referring others to sign up for the incentive. Most incentives are offered online through sites referred to as Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFW). There are three basic steps to making money through IFW websites:

  1. registering on the site
  2. signing up for offers or product
  3. referring other individuals to register and sign up

After completing steps 1 and 2, most IFW companies will pay you. These payments are typically made through PayPal accounts and can range anywhere from $10.00 to $200.00. However, to receive this payment, you most likely have to pay for the product or offer. For example, you might be required to pay $10.00 to sign up for a video delivery service but will receive $50.00 after your pay for the service. Each offer has individual terms and conditions that should be carefully reviewed. These terms could require you to use the product for a length of time or purchase a more expensive product to be entitled to payment.

Many times, payment will depend on referring new customers to the site. This means that not only do you need to sign up and pay for the product or offer, but that you will also need to find one or more people who do so also. This is the third step in the process. This step might not be available or included in all freebie offers.

Freebie Trading Income and Benefits

The amount of income earned is solely dependent on the number and type of offers you purchase. This could mean that you make $1,000 in a month, or it could mean that you make no return at all.

The benefits of freebie trading are making immediate income with little effort from your home. Freebie traders report not only receiving great products but a return on their initial investment. Online mentoring programs provide assistance to new freebie traders, but may charge a fee.

Freebie Trading Drawbacks

First and foremost, the old staying "never pay money to make money" applies to freebie trading. To reap benefits from freebie trading, you will be required to pay for products, offers or even just to enter the website. This could mean that you spend more money than you receive in return for several months.

Not all freebie trading is a scam; many reputable companies offer great deals through trading. But, for each established and honest offer from a reliable company, there is also a disreputable company offering bogus products at ridiculous terms.

Additionally, the amount of income you receive may be reduced through fees. PayPal is the most common means by which companies pay freebie traders, and PayPal regularly charges fees against any deposits into a users account. This will impact the amount of return you see on your initial investment.

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