Numi's: A WAHM's Guide


Numis is an online marketing system specializing in the coin industry. The company offers WAHMs the opportunity to earn a residual income, while establishing a potentially lucrative home-based business. The Numis Network consists of team members who sell Gold and Silver numismatic coins through network marketing. Network members also buy and collect coins to create, collect and preserve wealth.

All coins are certified and issued by various government mints. As collector coins, these products have greater value than simple bullion coins. In addition, their metal content, condition and collector demand helps determine overall value and price. Numis also has an array of flagship products, including the most popular coin in the world: the Silver American Eagle.

Getting Started

To join the Numis Network, you must first visit the company's website. You can then view the compensation plans, instructional videos and online application. You can also contact customer service for any questions and concerns. As a new applicant, access to the Numis Success System is $75.00 plus shipping and tax. Your purchase includes a complete suite of marketing and numismatic tools. This includes the Numis Portfolio, Star Builder Training System and an e-commerce website. The package even includes your own website, which allows you to promote an extensive catalog of graded silver and gold coins.

A lead capture site, BBS system, and Office Business Center is featured to help you track sales, reports and compensation. In order to maintain all your online tools, a fee of $9.95 is also required per month.


Numis offers several ways to generate immediate and long-term residual income. As a sales associate, you can earn retail commission and customer sales bonuses. You will also have membership in the Silver Coin of the Month Club, where you can receive down-line bonuses if eligible. Associates may qualify as executives as well, with opportunities to earn $100 Fast Track Bonuses and $10 Fast Track Level Bonuses. Bonuses can also range from $100 up to $50,000, depending on the volume of business and income generated. To review Numis Compensation Plan and videos, simply visit the 'Opportunity' section on the company's website.


In order to generate a substantial income, you must build a thriving and profitable Numis network. This includes buying, selling, collecting, and marketing rare coins. Executives and Associates can also recruit representatives to help market these products to potential clients and customers. As sponsored representatives, each member of your team helps secure bonuses through single and group sales. While there are different pay levels and ranks, the potential to earn unlimited income is certainly there. It simply depends on your time, dedication and commitment to success.

Is This for You?

If you love rare coins and currency, this may be the right job for you. Numis products have brand validity, awareness, and are widely utilized and popular. With years of extensive marketing experience, the company is well known throughout the world. If you are serious about pursuing a home based business, simply visit the website or contact them for more information today.

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