Nu Skin: A WAHM's Guide


Nu Skin was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to change the way consumers thought about personal care products. They believe products that are placed on the skin should be filled with good nutrients and nothing that is harmful or potentially dangerous. Nu Skin offers a range of products for aging, spa treatments and clear skin. They are a global direct seller of anti-aging products. Anyone interested in joining the company can become a distributor. Distributors are independent contractors who buy the product at a wholesale price and resell it to the general public.


Getting started requires signing up on their website or with an existing distributor. There is a $35 start-up fee and an annual membership fee of $20. Distributors must buy products from their skin, hair and spa products to resell to potential customers. The company provides training to all new distributors through brochures and training tutorials, as well as the recruiting sponsor you joined with. There is career growth within the company, which includes Executive status, Ruby status, Blue Diamond status and Team Elite Status.

Because the company is on a broader scale, its distributors are in Europe, Americas and the South Pacific so anyone in those regions are able to apply. The target audience is older women who are interested in using anti aging products to restore life and vitality back into their skin and hair. Once a distributor has decided to join online, they fill out an application and acknowledge that they have read the company's policy and procedures. 


Distributors are paid one of two ways. They purchase products directly from the company at wholesale prices and then resell the product at whatever price they like. Because you are free to determine the price of the product, you can make a considerable amount over what they spent. The second way a distributor can make money, which is probably the most profitable way, is to make money from their down line. The average commission a non-executive distributor made in 2008 was $744.00 a year, which averages out to about $64.00 monthly. An Executive made roughly $5,292.00 annual, that amounts to $441.00, and a Ruby executive can make about $34,320.00 annually. This does not include profits made off of sales of the product.


Distributors can increase profits by reselling their products. This can happen through home shows and demonstrations. The best way to advance in levels is to add a down line. Monthly commissions are paid through the down line. Recruiting a large list of fellow distributors will help individuals increase in status until they reach the top.

Is It for You?

This type of company is good for men or women who are good with people. Stay-at-home parents with a good set of connections would do well with this position. Or, if you had previous job experience, that would be perfect for this position because the product requires a nice presentation and sales pitch. Those that have a social nature and those who find it easy to engage in conversation with strangers would do well, and therefore would increase their potential sales revenue.


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