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Northern Lights at Home: A WAHM Business Guide


If you want to start your own WAHM business, take a look at the opportunities available at Northern Lights at Home. This company was founded in 1998. It is a candle making company that's backed by 25 years of experience. They carefully craft and manufacture scented candles of the finest quality and offer buyers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Since the company promotes salesmanship on a national level, they have unique selling opportunities to help people build and manage careers from home. They not only offer a good commission structure, but they also focus on inspiring their independent sales consultants to achieve their goals.

Starting out as a Northern Lights at Home Host

It's very easy to complete your application online. All you have to do is visit the Northern Lights at Home website and click on the 'Selling Opportunities' tab. You will be directed to a new page where you can fill out your online application and learn more about the products they sell. You could also download the presenter application agreement from the website to get accurate information on the recruitment commission you can earn.

Although there aren't any pre-requisites that you have to fulfill, you will be required to place a minimum order of $300 in retail sales each quarter. This will help you to build and grown your own home business anywhere in the US. To start off, you will have to host a grand opening party and order your starter product kit online. You could invite 3 people to the party so that they get to take a look at the products available. The 3 people you invite will also have to host a party within 30 days of your grand opening party so that your business gets a good start.

Compensation as a Northern Lights at Home Host

Your earnings work on a commission basis. If you host a grand opening party that's worth $500, you get $150 as presenter's commission which amounts to 30 percent of the $500 party. Along with this, you also get free products that are worth $100 for simply hosting your first party. Once your 3 invitees host their own $500 parties, you also receive $150 for each party they host.

Thriving as a Northern Light at Home Host

Since your earnings are based on the number of parties you host, you can decide how much you want to earn every month. The company pays you a 5 percent commission if you sell $1400 or more in a month. You also get recruitment commission for building your team and becoming a manager. Once you attain manager status, you could increase your earnings by promoting other team members to become managers. So, if you want to earn more, you need to host more parties every week and build a team of presenters.

Is It for You?

Since you will be managing your own business, you can fix your own hours of work. You need to spare 45 minutes to order products online and 90 minutes to complete each party. If you've never worked in sales before, you needn't worry. The company offers you 2 training DVD's in your starter kit. They also hold training calls on a weekly basis and offer you tips and techniques to better manage your business.

Noteworthy Information

As a host, you also get to use their fundraiser flyer to your benefit. The company has a unique fundraising program in place that allows you to place an order and send 40 percent of the profit to a fundraising organization of your choice.

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