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Next Level, Right Now: IMG Academy College Placement

Learn how IMG places student-athletes at top academic and athletic institutions.

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From the Ivy League, SEC, Big 10, and beyond, IMG Academy has a strong history of propelling student-athletes on to success at the next level. Notably, our graduates have attended over 90 of the U.S. News & World Report Top 100 universities since 2012. Whether Divisions I, II or III or even professional, IMG Ascenders are committed to academic and athletic excellence and are surrounded by a highly-esteemed support system of coaches, faculty, and mentors to help them maintain that standard and achieve their dreams.

IMG Academy’s College Planning and Placement Department works with each student-athlete and their family to create an individualized plan towards their unique academic and athletic collegiate goals. From the 9th grade, student-athletes receive additional support from expert advisement staff, whose mission is to ensure each individual is equipped for their next steps.

How does IMG annually place student-athletes at top academic and athletic institutions? How has COVID-19 affected college recruitment nationwide? Watch our college placement webinar with Athletics Director, Scott Dean, and Head of School, Chris Locke, to find out:


0:48 Meet Scott Dean, IMG Academy Athletics Director

1:09 How has COVID-19 impacted the college recruiting process?

3:30 The NCAA is granting current student-athletes an additional year of eligibility; what does that mean for my student-athlete?

5:30 How have college coaches adapted to digital-focused recruitment during this time?

8:30 How is IMG Academy’s college placement program unique from other programs?

14:48 How did IMG continue college placement prep, as well as successful academic and athletic development before student-athletes were able to return to campus at the beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020?

17:31 Support and resources available for student-athletes regarding both school and sport

21:29 How is IMG supporting student-athletes in putting together recruitment packages for college coaches?

26:09 Academic excellence at IMG Academy

27:29 What do college coaches see in IMG student-athletes that sets them apart from their competition?

We know next steps after high school graduation can be daunting; that’s why IMG Academy provides intentional support and resources in advance, to help every individual prepare for the upcoming transition into their adult lives. For some, that means capitalizing on a “gap year,” or post-graduate year, after high school, to maximize their developmental training prior to selecting their college or university.

IMG Academy's College Placement Department utilizes Cialfo, a proven web-based system that enhances communication during the planning process, virtually connects families and student-athletes with advisors, and provides unparalleled research and informative details, all from one system. Cialfo also notifies student-athletes of upcoming deadlines and tasks, including NCAA eligibility criteria, SAT tests, advisor meetings, college fairs, and more. IMG sport coaches also have visibility into a student-athlete's progress within the program to ensure that sport recruiting, academic grades, and application deadlines remain aligned throughout the entire process.

From the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and tutoring, to summer school opportunities and standardized testing prep, student-athletes have an abundance of academic assistance available. The IMG Academy campus family forms the core of a much greater academic support team that includes parents, administrators, coaches, house parents, and campus life staff members, all of whom work tirelessly to positively impact academic, athletic, and character growth.

Learn more about how to become a part of the boarding school that remains highly-regarded among colleges nationwide by clicking here.

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