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New Year's Resolutions for the Work at Home Mom

Here are some resolutions that you should aim to achieve as a work at home mom.
2014 goals.

Welcome to 2014! As you celebrate the New Year and all that it promises, make a resolution to improve your work at home status. There are many ways in which you can make this year the best year to date in terms of both your work life as well as in your role as Mom. Here are some resolutions that you should aim to achieve as a work at home mom.

1. Become More Organized

Sure, working from home has many, many benefits. But if you’re not organized, you might not be as productive as you could be. So make it a goal to be better organized for the New Year. Clear off your desk and only have the things you need to get your work done on it. Purge extra papers and scan the rest. Having a neat desk (and office) will help you to stay organized

2. Set Goals

Last year, you achieved a good amount of success working from home. Your goal this year should be to take your workplace productivity up a notch—or ten. So take a look at your work and see how you would like to take it to the next level. Maybe you want to flex some skills that you’re not currently using in your job. Or perhaps you’d like to head a new company project. Decide what you’d like to do that will be beneficial to your career, and then speak to your boss about ways in which you can accomplish it.

3. Create a Better Work Life Balance

When you have the ability to work either at 2:00 PM (or even 2:00 AM), you have the best of a telecommuter’s world. But if you’re sitting at your desk for the entire day without taking advantage of your flexible schedule, then you’re missing out on the work life balance that you could truly be achieving. So be sure to score some work life balance each and every day: Catch your kid’s chorus concert (and then rearrange your work schedule) so that you can be the work at home mom you truly want to be.

4. Inspire Others

As someone who telecommutes, you know how much it positively impacts your own life, helping to merge work and family life seamlessly. So when you are speaking with your friends who begrudgingly have to schlep into an office, remind them that they can (and should) explore telecommuting options within their career field, too. That way, they can still work in the jobs that they love, but be the work at home mothers they would like to be, too.

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