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Need to Get Away? 7 Romantic Destinations


If you need some special time with your spouse, you should plan a romantic getaway! Following is a list of 7 romantic destinations in the United States; places you can fly on a moment's notice, with no passport required.

1. New York City, NY

The top of the Empire State Building has been featured in countless romantic films and remains a perennial romantic locale. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park, and then have a romantic dinner at an offbeat restaurant or one of the city's hundreds of fancy dining establishments. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's or Sleepless in Seattle for inspiration prior to your trip.

2. New Orleans, LA

Even post-Katrina, New Orleans exudes a special magic--it's one American city that feels delightfully French. Going there is like stepping into another world. Obviously a stroll through the French Quarter is in order, followed by coffee and beignets at Café du Monde. There are countless charming bed and breakfast inns or luxury hotels, and some of the best cuisine in the world in New Orleans.

3. Maui, HI

Maui is an island paradise, offering anything from spectacular beaches to stunning mountain summits. Take your cue from the thousands of couples who go to Maui for their honeymoons, and select Maui as your romantic getaway. You can take a sunset dinner cruise, snorkel, whale watch, or simply stroll hand in hand in the beautiful sand. Maui also offers fine dining and luxurious spas and resorts.

4. Mackinac Island, MI

The setting for the 1980 romantic film Somewhere in Time continues to charm tourists year after year. The island is only accessible by ferry or by plane, and forbids motor vehicles, so horse-drawn carriages are your main form of transportation. The Victorian charm extends to the Grand Hotel, opened in 1887, which offers 385 distinctive rooms--no two rooms are decorated the same way.

5. New Bern, NC

If you are a fan of The Notebook, then New Bern must be at the top of your romantic getaway list. The historic downtown area offers several fine restaurants and tempting shops; bed and breakfasts abound and a newly-opened Hilton hotel sits right on the Neuse waterfront. Tryon Palace, the home of Royal Governor William Tryon, offers romantic gardens as well as a sneak peak at pre-Revolutionary War history.

6. Palm Springs, CA

This delightful desert community was known as the "Playground of the Stars" in its heyday. A cottage industry of restored mid-century modern hotels has sprung up, but there are also lavish resorts and casinos catering to every desire.  Joshua Tree National Park also offers miles of hiking trails and several campsites for the more rugged at heart.

7. Portland, ME

Start at the Old Port, Portland's cobblestoned waterfront, which boasts microbreweries, art galleries and charming boutiques. Then look into chartering a sailboat and taking in the spectacular Maine coastline. Obviously, the romantic dinner of choice is Maine lobster, served on a roll at a local dive, or with lots of melted butter at one of Portland's many fine restaurants.

Some of these destinations are obvious choices, others are off the beaten path, but they all offer you and your sweetheart the chance of a fantastic romantic getaway. Make your reservations and start packing!

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