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Natural Childbirth Explained


Natural childbirth is a method of labor and delivery that generally eliminates medication during the birth of a child. Generally, pre-planning and techniques are incorporated so that pain coping strategies can be used to alleviate pre-birth anxiety, as well as handle pain during the birth process when it comes time to deliver the baby.

Theory of Childbirth

The method of natural childbirth is based upon a lessening of medical intervention while the mother practices techniques such as relaxation and breathing to control pain and ease the delivery process. The natural childbirth is considered the more safe method for the baby, since drug side effects are eliminated and attention is paid to the manner and atmosphere in which the baby is welcomed into the world. The natural childbirth method is considered the more relaxed and focused type of delivery.

Absence of Anesthetics

The natural childbirth method is generally characterized by special breathing and relaxing exercises in lieu of medication. Usually, no drugs are provided as pain relief or to aid the birth.

The Doula and Midwife

The term "doula" was derived from an ancient Greek word that means "woman's servant." The doula can be an important part of a natural childbirth plan as the labor coach. Before, during and after the birth of a baby, the doula provides continuous emotional, informational and physical support. While a doula does not replace a physician, mid-wife or other medical professional, she provides non-medical support that is essential to the mother before, during and after the labor and delivery of a child.

The doula assists in gathering and relaying information to the expectant mother to help make key decisions before, during and after birth. Also, a doula can assist with significantly reducing labor time, cesarean births, interventions and pain medications needed. The doula, however, does not replace the mother's partner or husband. The doula can often also provide relief and emotional support for a partner or spouse who may have a great deal of stress to deal with during labor and delivery of the child.

Bradley Method

The Bradley method prepares a mother for natural childbirth by providing education. exercises and nutrition along with techniques of breathing and relaxation, also taught to the father, spouse or partner. The standard Bradley series includes small classes with individual attention, over 12 weeks. Attendees are provided with a home study workbook to make the process easier to study and undertstand.

Lamaze Method

The Lamaze method prepares a mother for the natural childbirth process through outside and home classes. The practice includes a coach and the study of childbirth physiology and relaxation, breathing and concentration techniques. The Lamaze method promotes natural, safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth, as well as early parenting instruction.

Leboyer Method

The Leboyer method tries to minimize newborn trauma by having the delivery in a quiet, dimly lit room. The baby's head is not pulled during birth. The immediate bonding for mother and child is encouraged.

Read Method

The Read method is based upon the premise that childbirth is a natural, normal process and that pain is primarily psychological. The method relies upon education and breathing exercises.

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