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My World Plus: A WAHM Business Guide


Venturing into a WAHM business like My World Plus allows you to save money on your purchases, whether at an online or brick-and-mortar store, by giving you access to discounts up to 50 percent off, coupons and cash back using your membership card. Established in March 2007, My World Plus also has a networking feature that allows you to earn more by referring and signing up new members.

Starting Out

You can start at My World Plus as a "Pre Enrollee" by entering your email address, your name and telephone number online. You'll then be "locked into" the position in their dynamic Powerline of paying Enrollees who signed up after you. Once you decide to enroll, there is a $50 sign-up fee to be paid once, and a $19.95 monthly subscription fee to be billed automatically every 30 days to your credit card. You'll have access to My World Plus training material and be eligible to be a part of their compensation program. If you cancel within the first three days of enrolling, you will be refunded the payment.


For every membership purchased that is personally referred by you, you would earn $25. If that person would personally refer or have someone else sign up, you will get $8 from that, too. You will be paid $5 and $3 for the third and fourth levels, respectively. Your position in the Powerline will also allow you to earn monthly residual commissions, depending on your rank. This is not counting the amount of savings and discounts totaling from $50 to $100 per month that you could possibly get from your membership.


At My World Plus, you can increase your earning potential by attaining a Star-ranking status. When you'll have three active members whom you personally enrolled, you will have the rank of one Star. You will go up to the five Star rank as soon as you achieve the enrollment quota for each rank or if you have the required number of personally-enrolled members under you who have earned their own Star levels. These ranks will allow you to earn from 3 percent up to 18 percent as Infinity bonuses, depending on the Star level of the Enrollees under you. On top of that, there is also the Generational Bonuses and the Bonus Pools wherein 10 percent of the company's monthly volume is given to ranking members according to the number of Stars they've achieved.

Is It for You?

To be successful in My World Plus, you need to put in some effort in referring members under you, so having a good circle of friends and relatives will go a long way. If you are interested in getting savings and discounts on your purchases, whether online or not, My World Plus will also help you in that area. You must also be willing to learn from the educational materials for you to maximize your earnings, as well as invest in the $50 sign up fee and the $19.95 monthly subscription.

Noteworthy Information

My World Plus has prided itself with its "Zero tolerance policy" when it comes to spam mail. This means members would face immediate account cancellation and forfeiture of contacts the moment they send out spam mail to others.


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