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My Harvest America: A WAHM Business Guide


My Harvest America is the kind of WAHM business that allows one to shop for groceries online, have them delivered for free to one's doorstep, and rack up some savings while doing so. In 2009, founders Fred Weih, Ron Ellis and Joe Glenn launched their idea with the purpose of helping shape of the future of grocery shopping as well as give opportunity and independence to those who desire to have a home-based business. A My Harvest America shopper can benefit from the convenience of grocery shopping at home, with guaranteed low prices of many name-brand items that one finds in the grocery store aisles such as canned goods, cereals, desserts, baby and pet products, snacks and many others. At the same time, one can earn commissions by telling others about My Harvest America.

Starting Out as a My Harvest America Shopper

You can be a My Harvest America Shopper by paying the annual fee of $39.95 to cover hosting fees, administrative back office and a personal website, plus the $29.95 monthly subscription to the online grocery store delivery service and monthly newsletter. Your first payment totals to $69.90, but thereafter, you pay only for the $29.95 monthly subscription.

Compensation as a My Harvest America Shopper

To earn commission, you must be a Monthly Subscribing Shopper and have at least one Personally Sponsored Shopper also enrolled in a monthly subscription. You can then start in the "Shoppers Telling Shoppers" Loyalty Program and place your recruits on your own 3 x 8 Shoppers Team matrix built for you by the My Harvest America computer. The first 3 referrals you enroll will earn you a total of $3, but since you can go as deep as 8 levels, you can earn as much as $19,560. Starting at the fifth level, the commission per person goes up from $1 to $2.

Thriving as a My Harvest America Shopper

You can also opt to become a Super Shopper by paying a higher monthly subscription fee of $79.90 on top of the same $39.95 annual fee, and avail of discounts offered by 250,000 retailers nationwide. The commission to be potentially earned in the Super Shoppers Matrix is also higher at $2 when you reach the third to sixth level and at $3 per enrolled monthly subscriber when you reach the seventh and eighth level.

Is It for You?

If you are open to the idea of shopping for groceries online and having them delivered to your door for a monthly fee, then you may find it easy to be a My Harvest America Shopper. To earn commission through its Shoppers Telling Shoppers Loyalty Program, you may need to sell the idea to your friends and family and get them excited to learn more and enroll them into My Harvest America as well. If you are comfortable in doing this, then My Harvest America can work for you. Just like any other business, you also need to invest for the $39.95 annual fee and the $29.95 or $79.90 monthly subscription for the Shopper or Super Shopper, respectively.

Noteworthy Information

My Harvest America goal of "changing lives, helping feed more people for less..." means they are committed to touch every person and help them save in their purchases. Those wanting independence can also have the opportunity to build their own business from home.

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