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More Options for Stay-At-Home Jobs


The allure of working from home has its perks, and if you're ready to take the plunge and leave the office behind, here's an introduction to stay- at-home jobs. Before you jump into the deep end, get your feet wet (particularly if your family depends on your income to pay the bills).

Phone Interpreting

If you're fluent in a foreign language, why not try your hand at interpreting? This is a recession proof career choice, particularly in large metropolitan cities across the US. There are several companies that offer over the phone interpreting services to private companies, as well as government agencies. Language Line Services (out of Monetary California) is just one of several companies offering work-from-home interpreting opportunities. Some of these companies are available online (they also provide a phone number which you can call to test your skill through an automated system). 

Being an interpreter is an acquired skill that requires practice, good communication skills, patience and impartiality. Knowing a foreign language is just the first part of this highly valuable career. For the most part, phone interpreting does not require state certification. On the other hand, most states require certification to interpret for the court system. When you consider that a court certified interpreter can earn over $250.00 a day, it may be something to look into.

Personal Shopper

Turn your trip to the market, pharmacy, dry cleaners or post office into a source of income. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people that are unable or unwilling to shop. Take, for example, the elderly woman across the street that should have hung-up her drivers license by now, yet she has no choice but to run her errands.

There are different ways to charge for this type of service; you can charge a flat weekly or monthly fee, or you can charge a percentage of the bill.

The Pet Business

The pet business is a multi-billion dollar industry and for good reasons. Some pet owners pamper their pets more than they do children. The pet oriented business lends itself to growth and expansion. For example, you can start with dog walking and sitting, and build your way into training and grooming. There are several organizations that you can train with and list your service on their registry.

Turn Your Hobby Into Money

Did you ever dream of being a teacher? Here's your chance to teach what you love and share your music background through piano or guitar lessons. If your a starving artist, hold an art class. If cooking is your strength, throw the perfect cooking class with a glass of wine to taste. How about sharing your green thumb magic in your own garden, and throw in a tea party for the elegance.

As with any business, check with your local zoning and licensing agency to make sure everything is in place. Working from home, whether part-time or full-time, can be financially rewarding and personally satisfying. When planning a home business, think outside the box; you may just find a breath of fresh air.

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