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Mileage Expenses for the Work-at-Home Mom


Work-at-home mothers who have home-based businesses can use their vehicle for mileage expenses. In traveling for business purposes, you can  jot down the date of your trip, purpose and client to meet. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mentions that for 2010, the new standard mileage rate is $.50 per mile for work purposes. You have to track down all your work-related appointments as proof for the government agency so you can get a tax cut or additional tax return.

Mileage-Related Expenses

There are deductions that can be noted for mileage expenses when traveling with your car to a business meeting or any other type of business related errand. When you visit a client at his house, encode his name, address, contact info, the purpose of the trip, and the date, and keep the said information for the IRS. A detailed receipt for business-related supplies bought at an office supplies store can be proof for mileage expenses, so be sure to keep your receipts. Visits to temporary business-related sites using your vehicle to meet with a client can also be recorded.

Any place where the business inventory is kept can be visited and noted down as a mileage expense. When you attend a work-related seminar, you can take note of the venue, date, purpose and title of the seminar. All these vehicle-related expenses for business include gasoline and maintenance.

Home Office

Since your business is home-based, you can qualify for deductions when you follow IRS guidelines. You need to fill out Form 8829 for home-based business expenses. In addition, when the IRS visits your home office, you have to prove to this agency that the space in your house is exclusively used for business. When personal gadgets or properties are seen in the business space of your house, you cannot qualify for deductions.

It is important to note the number of square feet that your home business occupies. Divide this number by the number of square feet that is for home use. The resulting percentage is the space occupied for your business. When the IRS inspects your home office, they want to see that the business space is regularly and exclusively used for these purposes. If a television is present, you have to prove that work-related conferences or meetings are seen on it.

Business-Related Expenses

As a work-at-home mother, it is important to know where your business-related money goes. Track down all the home-based business expenses as they are spent. These can include rental, property tax, deductible mortgage interest, depreciation, homeowner's insurance premiums, home repairs and utilities. All of these are known as indirect expenses for the home-based business. These are deducted from the percentage of the home used for the business.

Depending on the duration that the business space is used throughout the year, a log sheet of the number of hours spent daily and weekly must be created. This shows the IRS that the business space is exclusively used for work.

Running a home-based business can be challenging and time-saving for the work-at-home mother. Every mileage expense must be tracked down and recorded as proof for deductions. The traveling can be worthwhile since you are using your own vehicle for business purposes. The work-at-home mother can finish her work early and attend to her children's needs.

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