Mary Kay Cosmetics: A WAHM's Guide


Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, when Ms. Ash decided to begin her own direct sales company offering beauty products to women. She began her company soon after leaving her full time job, where she watched people she trained get promoted over her head. The scene gave her the desire to offer all women the opportunity to be as successful as they wished. Today, with over 1 million consultants in over 35 markets, Mary Kay products are being sold throughout the world.

Starting Out with Mary Kay Cosmetics

To begin selling Mary Kay products, you must first discuss the opportunity with a consultant. She will go over the basics of the business with you, and provide you with an application form. She will also handle the ordering of your beginner's pack. The starter kit you will need to be a consultant with Mary Kay costs $100 plus tax, shipping and handling. The packet contains enough samples to get through your first 5-10 parties, depending on the number of guests as each. It also provides you with marketing and education tools to get started with the company. The target audience for Mary Kay products is any female, from teenagers to adults.

Compensation with Mary Kay Cosmetics

With Mary Kay, you earn your money the moment you make a sale. Prices in the catalogs include a 50% mark up of your cost, meaning you earn 50% on everything you sell. Mary Kay boasts of offering one of the highest commissions of all direct sales companies, and you begin earning the full 50% upon becoming a consultant. Depending on how involved you wish to become, working with Mary Kay can earn you a part-time to full-time income.

Thriving with Mary Kay Cosmetics 

To maximize your potential with this business, Mary Kay offers you many ways to sell products. You will be given a personal website in which you can refer your clients. Mary Kay also prints quarterly catalogs that you can distribute to family and friends. The final, and probably most lucrative, way to earn with Mary Kay is by conducting parties. Offering your clients a trial of the products you are selling is the most effective way to earn money with this company.

Is Mary Kay for You?

Mary Kay is ideal for females that love learning and sharing information about make-up, beauty and skin care products. The typical consultant works part-time, scheduling 2-3 parties a week, while being a WAHM or holding a full-time job. The best feature about the business is you can work as much or as little as you need to, and your income will reflect the amount of effort you put into the opportunity.

Additional Notes

Mary Kay is one of the most prominent direct selling companies in the world. They conduct their own research, developing products that offer the latest and greatest in the realm of skin care and beauty products. They are against testing products on animals, and instead seek alternative methods for safe product testing.

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