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Focus On Benefits to Get Sales

When it comes to marketing, it's not about you. The market doesn't care about how great you are. It cares about how your greatness can fill a need.

Why Networking Is Important and How to Do It

Meeting people (off of the Internet) is necessary to reach your business' potential.

How to Use Twitter for Job Networking

Networking with professionals on Twitter can lead to job opportunities.

5 Forgotten English Class Terms That Transform a Slogan from Bland to Bold

A great slogan can boost even a home-based business. But how do you transform a boring phrase into one to remember?

Smart Marketing

Follow these 3 simple steps to gain customers and grow your business.

Your Personal Trademark

by Marcia Yudkin For novelist Tom Wolfe, it's a dazzling white suit, regardless of the weather or season.

You Have to Choose Between only Three Strategic Options

by Mark Munday Ultimately, you have to settle for one of three business strategy options. And it is important

You Must Create Top Of Mind Awareness

Copyright 2003 by Willie Crawford Your customers and prospects are bombarded with thousands, sometimes

You Too Can Create Newsworthy Research

by Marcia Yudkin Take a close look at the front section of specialized magazines, and you'll often find

You Will Succeed

by Bob Osgoodby You went to all the trouble to develop a "Killer Ad Program, tested response rates and

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