Mango Dessert


This catchy idea is great for dinner parties with neighbors, friends, or coworkers. The mango and sugar bring out the fine taste of the liqueur to make a unique blend of flavor and fun. 


2 medium Mangos Soft, Ripe
2-3 tablespoons Sugar
1 lime, juiced with pulp
Grand Marnier-Optional


Step 1-NOTE: Can use any other liqueur you prefer if you want...optional.

Step 2-Peel, the mango and cut the flesh in chunks off the pit. Put the chunks into a bowl. Add sugar, juice and some pulp from the lime.

Step 3-Julienne a piece of the lime rind and add that to the bowl. If you are adding liqueur put that in also. Mix gently. Let marinade for a while inthe refrigerator to blend flavors. Serve.

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