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Managing Stress When a Work from Home Job Becomes Stressful


Between kids racing around outside of your office, and endless conference calls and deadlines to meet, you may experience moments when you question your decision to take on a work from home job. You'll have days when things are far more stressful than they ever were when working outside of the home. Though those working from home get the best (and worst) of both worlds, there are ways to manage that stress that often pops up and tests your sanity:

Identify Sources of Stress

Some things are out of your control, but many stressors are not. Think about the things that take place during your work day that stress you out. Determine ways in which you could deal with those stressors right now. Are friends and family constantly disregarding your schedule and interfering with your work from home job? Plan a sit-down with them to go over rules to help them respect your work time. There is a wide variety of sources of stress; the key is to recognize those in your life and cut them out as quickly as possible.

Take a Time Out

Work itself can become a major point of stress. When this occurs, you become less productive, which means you're business fails to thrive and that can have dire results. A time out from your job is essential. No matter what you are working on, allow yourself time away. Take lunch breaks and get out of the house or at least step away from the computer while eating. Read a book, watch a favorite daytime television show, or call a friend. Just don't call any clients or attempt to handle business matters during your break.

Stay Connected

People who work in cubicles like to think they are secluded, but coworkers are just a hop away. When you're working from home, you are really working alone - at least physically - and when you get wrapped up in your work, you end up losing yourself in it. It is vital to your well being that you stay connected to the outside world. Plan lunch with friends, shut down your laptop so you can fully indulge in a conversation with your hubby, and listen attentively to your youngsters tell their tales of the school day. When those around you see you balancing everyday life with your work from home job, they will feel better about it. Failing to balance the two can lead those closest to you to wish you'd never made the decision. Staying connecting will benefit both you and those around you.

Pencil in Errands

Balancing the people in your life is of great importance, but other areas may need to be penciled in to your work and play schedule. Doctor's appointments, housework and errands should be arranged around your schedule. Otherwise, you'll run yourself ragged trying to get it all done in a day.

Keep these simple tips for managing stress in mind, and your work from home job will seem far more doable.

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