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Maddy Moo Creations: A WAHM Business Guide


Maddy Moo Creations, a WAHM business, is a home party direct sales company, centered on handmade handbags. The company was started in 2005 by Elizabeth, a mom of two living in Atlanta who wanted to find a way to support her family while still staying at home with her children. The company is named after her first daughter, Madalyn. The company offers handbags that are handcrafted in the Atlanta suburbs, which can be customized with monogramming. The company is a member of the Direct Sales Association and adheres strictly to the DSA's Code of Ethics. As a Maddy Moo consultant, you are responsible for selling the company's products, such as handbags and tote bags, either on an individual basis or through "purse parties."

Starting Out as a Maddy Moo Creations Consultant

To start out as a Maddy Moo consultant, you have two options. You can purchase the Consultant Kit for $79, which contains 2 handbags, a checkbook cover, fabric rings and catalogs. Or, you can choose the $179 Consultant Kit, which contains 5 handbags, a checkbook cover and tissue cover, catalogs, and fabric rings. Currently, Maddy Moo Creations is open to US applicants only. To apply, you can send an email directly to the company or simply order your Consultant Kit. You do not need to know another consultant to apply. As a consultant, you receive one-on-one training, as well as weekly sales and training calls.

Compensation as a Maddy Moo Creations Consultant

As a Maddy Moo consultant, you earn a 25% commission on your personal sales. In addition, you have the opportunity to earn on team sales, although the website does not specifically state a percentage. The company pays your hostess benefits. You also receive a free website for your home sales business. As with many other direct sales companies, you have the choice of how much work you do for Maddy Moo Creations; in other words, you can make it a full-time or part-time career based on your own financial needs.

Thriving as a Maddy Moo Creations Consultant

To really thrive as a Maddy Moo consultant, you should work on building your sales as well as building a team. While the company does not offer specific information on team sales earnings, it does appear to follow the same pattern as many other direct sales companies. If you build your team, you can create a certain amount of residual income that allows you to have a steady income stream.

Is It for You?

To enjoy a career as a Maddy Moo consultant, you need to love the handbags and products you are selling. You should love accessories and helping other women to look and feel their best. You need to be comfortable with making sales, either on an individual basis or through parties. You should be comfortable with building a team by recruiting other people to the company.

Noteworthy Information

Since Maddy Moo Creations was started in 2005, it is still a pretty new direct sales company. This can give you the chance of starting on the ground floor with them and building your career up quickly.

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