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Lucrative Jobs from Home to Consider


Jobs from home are becoming increasingly in demand and lucrative. More and more companies are hiring telecommute workers because these employees lower their overhead expenses. Additionally, many people are choosing to start businesses from their homes because of the freedom and flexibility they provide. Listed below are some of the most lucrative work-at-home jobs to consider.

Website Developer

If you possess even basic website skills or easily understand computer operations, you might want to consider offering services as a website developer. A business cannot thrive without a web presence, and increasingly individuals are using the Internet for self-promotion. Having a website, therefore, is a necessity. Few people understand the mechanics of setting up and operating a website and are more than willing to pay a consultant to set one up for them. Website developers can charge anywhere from $400.00 to $1000.00 per site, depending on its complexity.


Most communication occurs through the written word, but very few people are skilled writers. Companies, governmental organizations and not-for-profit groups all need writers to create pamphlets, papers and other documents. Writing tutors, magazines and educational foundations also regularly need assistance with writing. If you have an educational background in English, composition or translation, or experience in marketing, public relations or grant proposals, you will be surprised at how many jobs there are for your skills and how much money you can make. Typically, writers make anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 per page.

Customer Service Representative

Companies that provide services to customers in their homes are outsourcing their call centers and customer representative positions. Often, these individuals work at home, earning a full time salary just to sit by the phone and answer questions or schedule appointments. While not as intense or creative as other jobs, these positions are extremely flexible and offer high incomes.

Medical Biller or Coder

Medical billing and coding professions are always in very high demand. Previous experience is not necessary, either, as most companies are willing to provide basic instruction and software to telecommuting employees. These positions are typically paid based on how many documents are produced and mailed. Therefore, the faster you are at working, the more income you will make. It is also common for medical coders or billers to set up a company for this service in their homes to serve larger clients. In this situation, income becomes even higher and more stable because hospitals, insurance companies and physician groups will send all their work to you (and because there is very little chance of these companies not having work or going out of business).

Legal Document Creator

Many law firms reuse basic templates for certain types of filings. If you have any background in legal work, including secretarial or paralegal experience, you may be able to work for a law firm from your home. After providing you the basic template for certain documents, the firm will provide you with case-specific information, and you will be responsible for creating the required documents. Most likely, you will then email the documents back to the attorney who will then file it in court. These positions are usually either paid hourly or by the number and complexity of documents created.  A typical hourly salary is $20.00, and the per-document rate is between $15.00 and $25.00. 

Work From Home Jobs