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Low Cost Website Design Solutions for Your Home Business


Operating a business on a tight budget means using free or low cost website design solutions. Your website doesn't have to look cheap either. There are many excellent resources that can give you a professional looking website, and web visitors will never know that you paid little or nothing to build it. Some of the solutions require you to hire a low cost web designer to build your business website for you, or to build it yourself.

Low Cost Web Design Services

Companies must compete with the free tools and software available to small business owners to build a website without a web designer. Some do it by offering low cost web design services. Here are some companies to consider for designing your website:

  • Inexpensive Web Solutions: Creates everything from graphics to setting up an e-commerce store. They can handle any of your programming needs, but if you request very difficult functions, the price may go up. They also offer low cost web hosting. Get a quote at
  • Affordable Programmers: Offers a competitive web development and hosting package. You can pay them a flat monthly rate for web design and future programming needs, or a low hourly rate to design your website without using them on an on-going basis. Negotiate a cap on the hourly rate, so you know what to expect for a final fee. Contact them at
  • ClickStart: Designs attractive websites that are search engine optimized. One huge selling point for ClickStart is that they don't require any upfront payment. It's only when you're ready to "go live" with the website (publish it online) do they request full payment. Many companies do not operate this way. The only risk is that they don't use a contract, which would detail copyright ownership and payment amount.
  • BrandMantra: Sets your business apart with SEO and branding experts. They have a marketing focus which can be helpful if you're a new entrepreneur in need of some direction. E-commerce development is another major focus of their services, so you'll want to consider them if you sell products online. There's a customer login area on the company website for customers to view work in progress and to communicate with staff. You can learn more at
  • Themes In Design: Uses WordPress to build a website for you. If you don't have the time to tinker with WordPress or can't get the hang of it at the moment, you can have them build it for you to get started. WordPress websites are easier to update once you have a website. Contact Themes In Design at

Low Cost Web Design Software

You can build your own business website, using low cost web design software. Two options to explore are:

  • Intuit Web Development Software: Offers free web builder tools, but you have to use Intuit's low cost web hosting service. Details of the program are at
  • WordPress: Designers create free or low cost templates for you to download and use in WordPress, which is free to use. You can download it through your web hosting company. Learn more at

There's no excuse not to have a website with these free or low cost website design solutions for your home business.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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