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Love U Parties: A WAHM Business Guide


Love U Parties is a toy party company that creates products that are accessible to people of varied income levels. Their products range from bath and body items to adult toys that are meant to improve relationships. If you choose to work as an independent consultant for Love U Parties, you can make money from hosting shows and selling the company's products.

Starting Out as a Host

To start your own business, you will have to purchase at least the basic kit that's available at a price of $99.95. This kit is known as the Every Body Kit. You could also choose to buy the Him Kit at the same price. The Better Business Kit that's available at a price of $249.95 includes a wider range of products that you can present to your customers. The most extensive kit that's currently available for $499.95 is the Best Business Kit.

To start your application, visit their website and keep relevant details like your billing address and bank information handy. Make sure you also look up the rewards you get for purchasing any particular kit so that you make the right decision. To run your business efficiently, you will also need to fulfill a few requirements.

Pre-requisites include:

  • An active credit or debit card on file
  • A bank account for accepting payments
  • Computer with high speed internet access
  • Printer
  • Pay a onetime $25 application fee 
  • Monthly administration fee of $39

Compensation as a Host

As a host, you get to enjoy many benefits. You not only get free products, but you also get discounts on varied products. If your party sales amount to $300, you earn 10 percent in host credits. The higher your sales, the better are your chances of getting additional rewards. For instance, if your party sales reach anything from $500 to $999, you not only get the 10 percent in host credit, but you also get a 50 percent discount on any one item in the catalog and the option to buy one item from the Host Exclusives catalog.

Thriving as a Host

If one of your guests decides to host their own party you can also earn a bonus of 5 percent in host credits. As you get promoted from the independent consultant level to the national director level you get to increase your earning potential. Visit the website to find out how much you can earn at each level.

Is It for You?

In order to host a Love U Parties presentation, you need to be over 18 years of age. Your guests should also be at least 18 years old. The company will help you sell their product lines by giving you props or diagrams to promote different products to your customers. As a host, you need to put in nearly 2 to 3 hours to complete a single party. This includes the time spent on presenting different products and taking orders. Since these parties are not always gender specific, people of different age groups and sexual orientation are welcomed.

Noteworthy Information

The President of the company Ducky DooLittle is a renowned sex educator in America who raises awareness of safe sex practices and offers STD education to top colleges and community centers around the world.

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