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Looking to Bolster Your Web Design Business? 4 Small Businesses to Approach


In the initial stages of your website design business, you will have to aggressively market your business, and even make cold calls to sell your designing talents to a potential client. Here are some small businesses that can give a huge impetus to your enterprise and boost your revenue.

1. E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites always require slick designing, sophisticated add-on elements and customized attributes, and they are rapidly expanding in their features. There are several e-commerce sites on the Internet that can be approached for a website facelift, for cutting-edge modifications or even for a more professional and eye-catching look.

Small e-commerce sites and online stores that have ambitious expansion plans can give your venture great business and a chance to showcase your skills. You can do a search or look through exhaustive e-commerce site directories, and approach the concerned person through an email highlighting your proposal in brief. Most sites will have an email where business queries will be entertained.

Outline in a well-drafted and power-packed mail how you can add punch to your client's site and help his business soar. You can even include a short analysis of your potential client's site and a few suggestions on how it can be revamped to impress them, and present a teaser of your skills. Another great idea is to approach local stores for setting up online e-commerce versions.

2. Local Newspapers

If your local newspaper doesn't have an online edition yet, take the initiative to explain to them the importance of one, and design a coherent looking website to increase readership, thus leading to a larger chunk of local and global advertising revenue. It is a great way to take the publication to an international audience.

Approach the concerned authority or key-business decision maker directly, and present your proposal by highlighting the benefits of going online and tersely stating the layout and features that can be incorporated. Explain the cost versus return on investment through adverting.

3. Educational Institutes

You can approach educational institutes ranging from local pre-schools, elementary and even higher secondary schools and colleges for building their online identity. An online presence can help give them better credibility, and establish a more elucidated brand personality where students from different parts of the region can get a comprehensive idea about of the history, management and quality of courses of the institute. Find out about the various educational institutes in your surrounding regions, and approach them directly with a professional and well-chalked out plan. 

4. Professionals

A lot of professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants, who have flourishing private practices, may want to reach out to an even bigger client base in the area, and it is a good idea to approach them for designing their website. They can include case studies, customer feedback and client testimonials to create a larger customer-driven conglomerate.

Using your resourceful, creative and productively meddlesome skills, you can research on a range of local and global business that can employ your services for setting up new websites (or resurrecting obsolete ones), and approach them with a polished and professional business plan.

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