Lia Sophia: A WAHM's Guide


Lia Sophia is a home party jewelry company that has been in business for over 30 years; it originally began as Act II in the 1970s, which was purchased by Victor Kiam. It morphed into Lady Remington, then renamed Lia Sophia in 2004. The company's vision, as outlined in its website, is to "connect women to their dreams, from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures." In 2010, Lia Sophia will surpass Avon as the largest seller of fashion jewelry in the world. As a Lia Sophia Advisor, you are responsible for selling the company's jewelry, either through direct sales to individuals or through hosting parties.

Starting Out as a Lia Sophia Advisor

To apply as a Lia Sophia Advisor, you must be 18 years of age or older and authorized to work in the United States. You will need to purchase a starter kit, which costs $149 and contains everything you need to host your first five jewelry shows--over $1,000 worth of jewelry and supplies. The company also offers an Excellent Beginnings program, which gives you the opportunity to earn an extra $600 in free samples in your first 15 weeks. For more information on becoming a Lia Sophia Advisor, the company recommends you locate one of their Advisors and access his or her personal website, via the Lia Sophia website here.

Compensation as a Lia Sophia Advisor

As a Lia Sophia Advisor, you earn 30-40% of profits that are paid weekly. There are also such perks as: monthly, quarterly and annual recognition, cash bonuses, free jewelry and exotic trips. In an interview with the home business website Bizymoms, Catherine Arthur, who is the vice president of Lia Sophia, described the compensation thus: "The way the lia sophia compensation plan works is as a sales representative recruits people to be part of her team, her compensation on her own sales is increased and she gets an override compensation on the sales of her recruits in return for managing them. As the team gets bigger, the compensation can really soar."

Thriving as a Lia Sophia Advisor

Catherine Arthur estimates that each Lia Sophia advisor makes over $200 per show. But, in her interview, Arthur stresses that the most successful women are those who recruit others to their team. She cited one Advisor who recruited a team of 240 people and made $200,000 in one year; another Advisor has been with the company 13 years and will earn over $3 million--her team has 8,000 people. Managers earn 40% of their own profits, as well as an additional 10% of what their team brings in--making recruitment an excellent way to thrive as a Lia Sophia Advisor.  However, it is not necessary to become a manager to enjoy a lucrative career with Lia Sophia.

Is It for You?

To enjoy your career as a Lia Sophia Advisor, you should love jewelry and have a desire to help women look and feel their best. You'll need to be comfortable with sales, and as mentioned above, being comfortable with recruiting others to your team can help dramatically increase your profits.

Noteworthy Information

Lia Sophia has a "Red Carpet Collection," which is worn by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Tinsley Mortimer, Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Conrad.

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