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Lessons From Work-Life Balance Programs


There is much talk today about work-life balance programs. In general, the American workforce is over-worked and under-compensated in a variety of ways (not necessarily related to salary). Work-life balance programs help employees, usually of larger companies, by employing incentives that result in a healthier mental state, increased productivity and overall happiness.

Life Coaching For Balance

Perhaps one of the first lessons in achieving work-life balance falls within the expertise of a life coach. A life coach helps individuals identify their personal goals and encourages them in taking the necessary steps to achieving those goals. If you are working 70 or 80 hours per week, you may not have the time to even give much consideration to your personal goals. Aside from your career, you may have other talents you want to pursue, friendships you'd like to give more time to, family relationships you want to cultivate or a community you'd like to be more involved with. The job of a life coach is to get you to express these goals in a tangible way so that you can begin to work toward achieving them.

Stress Reduction On The Job

Depression and anxiety disorders are diagnosed at alarming rates. It is obvious that something about how people work is out of balance. Add onto that an increase in job lay-offs, and the outlook is not very hopeful. Some work-life balance options being offered by employees include a shortened work week and telecommuting or flextime options. Perhaps even better than a pay raise, having a more flexible schedule and one or two days per week that you don't have to commute to work (or that you can work in your pajamas or attend your child's school function) may go a long way toward improving your mental outlook and replacing a lack of motivation with the excitement of a diversified schedule.

Balancing Work and Family Life

Rather than clinging to the notion that the company will not survive the loss of an employee for a week or two, many companies are beginning to understand that their employees work better, harder and more effectively after having time off from work. Furthermore, vacation time provides employees with valuable time away from their work setting to devote to their family relationships. And, employees with healthy relationships are also more productive and happier at work, in addition to being more fulfilled as individuals.

Free market capitalism provides many opportunities for success in business, from the CEO to the office manager to the production line worker. In order to maintain a healthy work-life balance, employers need to first recognize that their employees are humans with diverse needs and life goals. Then, they need to come up with effective programs so employees gain more control over their schedules, their lives and their free time. Employees, in turn, require enough free time and a schedule flexible enough to accommodate all of the important aspects of their lives aside from work.

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