Latasia: A WAHM's Guide


Latasia is a retail company that sells jewelry, lingerie, hair accessories and keychains. The jewelry collections range from casual costume jewelry to more formal items that are designed for brides and wedding party members. The lingerie collection is a small one, but the jewelry selection is vast. Latasia has a large number of jewelry groups that help customers to coordinate their earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The collections include shell jewelry, various metals and stones.


To get started with Latasia, new salespeople order a starter jewelry or lingerie kit. The starter jewelry kit is made up of the best-selling jewelry that is chosen by Latasia, as well as self-chosen jewelry with a retail value of $200. The starter lingerie kit includes a selection of styles in a variety of sizes, all of which are chosen by Latasia. Both starter kits come with training materials, including a DVD, sales supplies and Latasia paperwork. All sales consultants must download a consultant agreement and fax it back to the company in order to receive the starter kit. The starter kits cost $139 each.


Latasia sales representatives make a 30 percent commission on their first $1,500 in sales. Sales above that number earn 40 percent commission for salespeople. There are also bonuses offered for recruiting other salespeople. There are a number of other ways to earn, as well as benefits to being a sales consultant. There are advancement opportunities, including Manager status that entitles salespeople to earn through five tiers of salespeople. There are sales incentives such as a free trip and prizes. There is health insurance available to salespeople from Pro Insurance, Inc.


Selling with Latasia generally requires throwing home sales parties. The parties introduce invited guests to the jewelry collections and make sales at the same time. Sales consultants also get bonuses of discounted jewelry for themselves every time they hold a sales party. For sales consultants who can hold regular parties with people who have a love of jewelry, there is the potential to create a thriving jewelry sales business.

Is It for You?

People who love social gatherings and have a wide pool of people to sell items to, holding Latasia sales parties can make the sales consultant successful. However, if you don't like arranging and holding home parties and don't want to ask friends and co-workers to come to a sales party, it may be a difficult business to run. The instant money appeals to some of the sales consultants. Salespeople keep their cut of the money as soon as sales are made and send the rest to Latasia.


The two separate product types, jewelry and lingerie, make this a more versatile business than many direct sales businesses. Home party hostesses can throw either a jewelry party for their friends who are interested in jewelry or a lingerie party for any woman who is interested. The bridal collection of jewelry and hair accessories also makes it possible to market products to brides and bridesmaids. These diverse markets make it possible to hold many sales parties without having the same guest list time after time.

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