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Kids Watching TV: How to Regulate Your Kids' Viewing Habits


There's nothing terribly wrong with kids watching TV, but you might want to think twice if your kid watches TV the whole day or outside regular viewing hours. Watching television has its benefits, but it also has its own disadvantages, especially when one watches too much. It has been shown that children who watch too much television are most likely to develop childhood obesity, show signs of aggressive behavior and have problems learning in school. They tend to have less energy for other productive things, and they are also likely to engage in risky behaviors as they grow older. Find out below on how to limit your children's viewing time.

Be an Example

Yes, you have to set an example and show your kids how it's done. Children tend to imitate adults and gravitate towards the modeled behaviors of the grown-ups at home. If they see you doing other productive things like reading a book, there's a huge chance they'll do the same thing. Stay away from the couch and you'll be surprised that your kids will, too.

Set Specific Viewing Times

You don't have to be completely strict and declare zero tolerance for watching TV at home. You can set specific viewing times and allow your kids to watch their favorite shows for an hour or two at night. Explain to them why you're doing this--it will help them understand such rules and do the same thing someday without you telling them to do so. 

When deciding on the number of hours that your kids are allowed to watch TV, the rule of thumb is two hours per day. To give them a sense of control, let them choose which TV shows they want to watch for the entire two hours.

Encourage Other Activities

Encourage your kids to do other activities aside from watching TV the whole day. Give them books to read, let them play board games, provide them with art supplies, or enroll them in sport classes such as tae-kwon-do, swimming or badminton. There's always something to do aside from enjoying their favorite shows on the tube.

Find the time to play with them, too. Before you know it, your children will turn into teenagers and you very well know that at this stage, they will want to spend more of their time with friends instead of with the family. Make the most of it while you still can.

No TV in the Bedroom

By setting up the TV in one area alone, you can easily regulate family viewing times. Think of the freedom your kids get when you place a TV inside their rooms.

Cut Your Cable Connection

As a last resort, call your local cable operator and do a disconnection request. It's a sure-fire way to stop your kids from spending too much time watching TV. It will help you curb the household bills, too.

You might also want to regulate Internet usage at home. Explain to your kids that you are actually helping them grow into better individuals and they will surely thank you for your efforts once they're parents themselves.

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