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Established in 1992, KGB (the Knowledge Generation Bureau) is the largest independent provider of directory assistance and informational services. In 2009, the company launched its premier text answer service. As a KGB special agent, you are expected to adhere to the mission statement: "To provide fast, accurate, and convenient answers 24 hours-a-day, every day." Don't worry, you won't have to be available 24/7...unless you want to be.

Starting Out as a KGB Special Agent

To become a KGB special agent, you must visit the company website and take the "Special Agent's challenge", which is a series of questions commonly asked of KGB agents via their 2-way mobile text answering service. You'll want to have a pen, paper, calculator, map and latest celebrity entertainment guide on hand, as the questions range from Hollywood knowledge to geography, to those of a mathematical kind. The quiz is split into categorized sections and passing it requires a high score on each section. If you pass it, you are invited to join the KGB team as a special agent, receiving training in answering questions and completing the required paperwork. If not, you can take it again, as many times as necessary until you do pass.

Compensation as a KGB Special Agent

As a KGB special agent, you are paid per question and depending on the response type. There are two different response types: full responses and validation responses. A full response requires you to do your own research and give a reply based on the information you've found. You are paid $0.10 for each of these responses. A validation response requires no research on your part and automatically populates answers from the company's knowledge database for you to forward to the questioner. You are paid $0.05 for each response of this kind. Special agents are paid monthly via direct deposit, with processing for the previous month's work occurring on the third Thursday of each month.

Thriving as a KGB Special Agent

Being a successful KGB special agent means putting the time into both your work schedule and researching your answers. With 24 hours a day and 7 days a week available to choose from, you have amble opportunities to earn extra cash by logging in and taking questions whenever you have free time. While you are able to work whenever you please, if you fail to log in for 30 consecutive days, you are dropped from the company (so logging in is essential). Submitting responses that meet KGB quality standards will also ensure that you stay on with the company. Great work ethics pay off, as you can advance to a KGB quality agent and earn more while helping other agents uphold those standards.

Is It for You? 

If you want to earn extra spending money, like the idea of working any time - night or day - and enjoy answering questions of all kinds, whether they require a bit of googling or allow you the opportunity to show off your smarts, KGB could be your cup of tea.

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