KeyForCash: A WAHM's Guide


KeyForCash is an online data entry brokerage through which jobs from various companies are assigned to individual data entry contractors. The companies contact with the various data entry assignments, which are in turn posted to the KeyForCash database and sent out to the contractors for completion, allowing a whole pool of eager contractors to vie for assignments and quickly process all of the data. KeyForCash was set up in 2001 and has become extremely popular over the past decade for people who want to make extra income from working at home. Data entry requires little more than a computer with Internet connection and JavaScript, and so it is an ideal business for those who want to work without leaving the living room.


A person must be at least 18 years of age, and have a computer with Internet connection and JavaScript enabled, to participate on After that, there is no other out of pocket expenses that need to be purchased to participate on the site. One simply has to complete a brief "keying evaluation" during the free sign up to help KeyForCash determine the contractors keying ability, and then, if accepted based upon the evaluation, search for assignments. This evaluation may be retaken on a daily basis.


Regarding the assignments, a contractor can choose to accept a KeyForCash assignment whenever she wants. After the assignment is accepted, there is a time frame by which the data must be entered. Before that, however, a contractor does not have to accept any assignments for fear of being 'booted off' KeyForCash. Contractors have gone years without working on KeyForCash and then take up an assignment on a whim after scoring well on the evaluation, again. Once the assignment is accepted, the KeyForCash contractors are paid approximately $0.50 for every 1000 keystrokes; 10,000 keystrokes per hour is the average for most contractors, which translates to roughly $5 per hour's work on Working a full 40hr week, this translates to roughly $800 per month, a figure which makes KeyForCash seem more viable as a part-time job than a full- time job. However, $800 a month may be considered by some people as a more than reasonable price for work performed in pajamas in one's living room at 4:00pm.

For the above average typist, 13,000 keystrokes per hour translates to $6.50 per hour, $52 per day and $1040 for the month. Money is issued to the contractors in paper checks, although KeyForCash is actively setting up a payment method via PayPal.


Making the most out of entails actively pursuing assignments. Because of the demand for assignments on KeyForCash, these are not always available. When data entry contracts are available, however, the people who perform the most successfully on the site are those who accept the assignments as soon as possible and do quick, efficient work.

Is It for You?

For a stay-at home-parent proficient in typing and data entry, is an excellent way to earn some extra cash and supplement one's income. Working on KeyForCash for two hours a day, every day of the month, an above average contractor would supplement her monthly income by about $400. This is not at all a bad bargain for work performed during the day while still being to be home with your children.


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