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Keeping Kids Active after School: Martial Arts


Most children will be excited to enroll into a martial arts class. They usually like the idea of jumping around and doing really cool stuff similar to Jacky Chan or Bruce Lee. If you have active children, enrolling them in a martial arts class might be a great idea; it provides great exercise, helps with coordination and provides socialization opportunities.

There are various forms of martial arts which your children might enjoy such as judo, karate and taekwondo. However, there are several things you have to consider first before enrolling your children into a martial arts class.

Getting Started

First thing you have to do is to check out the yellow pages or research the Internet for martial arts schools near your home. Choosing a martial arts school near your home will prevent long trips that may discourage your child. Martial arts may be considered even if your child is already a teenager since most martial arts school will still accept older children in their classes.

Some public schools offer martial arts classes and even some local community park boards or universities offer classes. If your school does not offer classes, then enrolling your children in a private martial arts school would be the next best option.


Another important thing to consider when enrolling your child to a martial arts school is the instructors. You have to make sure that the instructors are legitimate and have sufficient credentials and experience in the particular martial art form your children have chosen. How will you be able to do this? First, try to call local authorities such as the local police department or better business bureau and ask if they have any problems with the school you are considering.  Ask if they can recommend a school. You may also want to ask your friends or neighbors if they know of a reputable martial arts instructor in your area. Once you found the right school, you might still want to try to check its background.  See if it is already well established in the community and if the students are pleased.

Visit the School

Most martial arts schools allow the general public to come in and watch classes. You can sit in on a class or two and observe. Make sure to check other schools in your area and avoid settling for the first school you've visited. The attitude and emotional structure of the school should be a consideration.

The students and the instructors should work well together and the class as a whole shouldn't be unruly. A good martial arts school should be a model of self discipline and respect. The sport should benefit your child in social skills in addition to providing exercise and developing coordination. When the class is over, try to talk to the instructors or the master of the school and ask what they can offer to your child.

Getting your child into martial arts can bring a lot of benefits. It teaches your precious little one discipline, integrity and self control.

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