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Kat's Coffees: A WAHM Business Guide


Kat's Coffees & More is a WAHM business that distributes delicious blends and many varieties of coffee, food and beverage mixes, such as lemonades, smoothies, bread and cake mixes, meal mixes, seasonings and more under its own label. It aims to supply a busy family with food through its wide range of affordable products to shorten the prep times and give moms more time to spend with the family.

As a consultant, you will be selling the products to customers and receive a commission for each sale. You can host themed parties to introduce your potential buyers to the items and at the same time receive Hostess Benefits. If you wish to earn commission credits, you can actively recruit new consultants to join the business.

Starting Out

For a start up fee of $5, you can sign up as a consultant that will entitle you to the following: a consultant number and listing at the Kat's Coffees and More website, the consultant group files, and your addition to the group chats. You can opt to purchase any of their Starter Kits such as the Coffee Kit, Birthday Kit, Party Kit or Dry Mix Kit off the website.

If you wish to customize a starter kit of your own, you can do so without any volume restrictions and receive a 40% discount with your order, as long as it is made within 30 days from the time you sign up as consultant. You can also purchase an order page that starts at $7 per month, and this will be used to process orders from your customer to Kat. Lastly, you have to fill out, sign and email a copy of the Independent Representative Agreement posted online.


You will earn an outright commission of 35% from your customers and can deduct this immediately when you will receive the payment. When you recruit another person to be a consultant, you will receive a commission credit worth $12 for your First Downline's first order. From your Second and Third Downlines, your commission credit from their first order will be $8 and $4, respectively. Thereafter, you will receive $1 in commission credit. Commission credits are not paid out in cash but may be used only to purchase items.


You are a Top Seller when your sales reach 35%. You will be awarded with a commission credit worth $15, a year's worth of order page, and a charm chain. Become a Top Seller for six months, and you will then be Star Seller.

You will become a Star Recruiter when you have at least 25 consultants on your downline, and twice a year, everyone belonging to that downline receives $5 in commission credit.

Is It for You?

Coffee aficionados and those who love to cook would welcome this opportunity to sell the blends and mixes and at the same time avail of the discounts for their personal consumption. There are no volume orders to worry about, and you can remain active for as long as you make a purchase at least once every six months within the stipulated cut-off dates. You can spend as much or as little time as you can spare on this business and still be able to earn from your efforts.

Noteworthy Information

Consultants can customize and design their own paperwork and use Kat's logo.

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