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Just Jewelry: A WAHM Business Guide


Founded by close friends and stay-at-home moms Virginia Depp and Nicole Nelson, Just Jewelry was created to offer women high quality fashion jewelry at affordable prices. Just Jewelry consultants sell a wide variety of beautiful products at home parties and through their catalog. Unlike most home party businesses, Just Jewelry uses a no-pressure open house format and allows customers to choose and take home their pieces at the time of event.


The best way to begin your Just Jewelry business is to a contact a consultant near you. They will guide you through the sign-up process and advise you on how to grow your business. As a new consultant, you'll be required to purchase a minimum of $250 worth of jewelry. However, you'll also receive a 50% discount on your jewelry purchases and have the ability to choose every piece that goes into your collection. You'll also have to purchase a $78 business enhancer kit that contains catalogs, receipt forms and everything else you'll need to start your business. Once you get started, there are no minimums or annual sales requirements. However, each year you'll have to pay a $35 fee to remain active.


Just Jewelry consultants receive 50% commissions on every piece of jewelry they sell. Consultants also received monthly commissions based on the activity of their downline.


Just Jewelry has great income potential for those looking for a full-time career. The affordability of the pieces makes it easy for motivated consultants to make a good living. Just Jewelry's products range from $12 to $38. The company prides itself on rewarding its team members for their hard work and dedication. Most direct jewelry sales companies offer between 15 - 35% sales commission. 

Not only do Just Jewelry consultants receive a 50% commission on all sales, top earners have the opportunity to win cash incentives, vacations and even a company car. Top performers can also receive their own website. This provides extra visibility and can help improve personal sales. Another great way to increase your earnings is to recruit a strong number of consultants. Consultants that have built large and successful sales teams can look forward to monthly cash and rewards.

Is It Right for You?

Although you don't need experience to join Just Jewelry, it helps if you have some sales experience and aren't afraid to strike up a conversation with complete strangers. One of the ways that consultants generate income is through online networking. Therefore, it's extremely helpful if you have a working knowledge of social media sites and can navigate online forums. The majority of your consulting income comes from home parties. So, it's best if you have weekend and night availability, as that is when most home parties take place. Because there are no quarterly sales requirements or monthly minimums, the opportunity is ideal for WAHMs just looking to make a little extra money on the side. However, Just Jewelry is also great for those looking to switch careers and make a steady full-time income.

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