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Jordan Essentials: A WAHM Business Guide


Jordan Essentials is a complete line of natural skin products for the whole family to use. They have been in business since the year 2000. They are a direct sales company and believe that their skin care products cater to the complete body not just the skin. Individuals can make money selling Jordan Essentials skin care products in people's homes. Consultants help hostesses throw a party for family and friends. Guests are then introduced to a complete lineup of products. Samples are offered to the guests and free products are given to the hostess.


Becoming a Jordan Essentials consultant requires the purchase of a basic new consultant easy start kit starting at $25. The kit includes a collection of different fragrances, a logo tote, spa party invitations, samples, order forms and an assortment of catalogs. The entire kit costs $296, however, the company allows consultants to pay $25 upfront. The application process is a series of questions that include a social security number and a credit card to bill the $25.

When the $296 is made, the company deducts the amount from commission earnings. Home parties are very popular, and Jordan Essentials caters to the need for quality and effective skin care products.


Jordan Essential consultants are paid commissions once a month. A check is sent directly from the home office. Commissions start at 25% for the first items sold and increase from there. Consultants who work hard can expect to make a considerable full-time income. Because the company is based on the amount of sales consultants make, they can make as much or as little as they like. They earn between 5% and 8% of their down line. Consultants who are actively working in the company are eligible for cash incentives and prizes.


Consultants can get ahead in this company by developing a list of leads for parties. The company provides every hostess with free products and a chance to win a free shopping spree off of the amount of sales the consultant makes at her party. Consultants who do well and would like to progress in the company are required to pay a total of $300.

Is It for You?

Jordan Essentials was designed for stay-at-home moms interested in earning an extra or part-time income from home. Though it has expanded in the last ten years, it is still trying to help families get ahead. This type of work is good for stay-at-home parents with lots of friends and family members. Individuals who are friendly and talkative are usually a perfect fit for conducting home parties as well. If you have a background in sales and feel comfortable in a group atmosphere, Jordan Essentials can potentially earn you a great deal of income.

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