Jolica: A WAHM's Guide


When traveling, you typically discover many unique crafts and goods, and that is exactly what Jolica represents. Such one-of-a-kind handcrafted accessories may include: jewelry, bags and more. Products are made from materials ranging from sterling silver to glass to leather. Jolica's vision is to develop sustainable businesses across the globe. The strategy is to connect exceptional artists with Jolica Gift Consultants in North America. This vision has two components. The first is: building the groundwork for sustainable and vibrant communities in less developed areas. The second is: offering opportunities for Gift Consultants to earn a substantial income.


Jolica offers a straightforward application process, continuous training, personal and professional growth, leadership opportunities, unique quality products, incredible compensation, frequent product bonuses, inspiring contests, luxurious vacations, and an opportunity to partner with rural communities.

You need remarkably little to begin. There are two options: purchase a Basic Starter Kit for $179, which is valued at $325; or, purchase a Deluxe Kit for $299, which is valued at $750. Once you receive your products and training, you are ready to host a party.


There are no quotas. You earn commission on every sale, meaning there is no upper limit to your income! Your earnings are the result of the difference between the income from sales and the cost of products. Jolica allows you the flexibility to work as much as you want. You can earn extra income for your family or earn full-time income.

Gift Consultants are independent business owners. You will earn a commission of 27% on your personal sales. As your team expands and grows, team bonuses can be earned. Product bonuses are available based on your personal sales at the end of each month. No funds are forwarded from Jolica as earnings.


How do you build your business and have it flourish? Start by talking with friends, family and your extended network of contacts. Know your products and provide the best in class customer service. Host parties and find other committed people to become Jolica Gift Consultants. You build your base of customers and Gift Consultants. These two pillars provide the greatest revenue for generating sources for your business.

Is It for You?

Many stay-at-home-parents would excel within Jolica. There are few personal characteristics that would help you excel quicker: if you like to socialize and meet new people, make strong connections with women, and have the desire to build your own business. This is also a job for you if you are an expert in time management, multitasking, and getting the job done.

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