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Jerky Direct: A WAHM's Guide


Jerky Direct is a referral marketing company that offers products for purchase through any of its store owner websites. The Jerky Direct company has been operating since June 1, 2004. Its parent company and founders were in the jerky business for over 30 years.

Starting Out

Look over the Opportunity page of the website. Sign up as a distributor by filling out the online application. Commit to an autoship of product for a $12 monthly minimum plus flat rate shipping of $1.97. Once submitted, the server will build an instant personal storefront and return a link to your new store.


The commissions are on a 7 level tier. For each $12 twin-pack autoshipment, there is a $5 commission. Level 1 commissions are at 40%. Levels 2, 3 5 and 6 are at 5%, which means that this commission is paid on all wholesale sales generated. Levels 4 and 7 are at 20%, which applies to all retail sales generated at your website storefront.

Commissions are generated from the first day of each month for the previous month's transactions. Checks are issued after each $10 threshold is reached. There are no check issuance fees and the company is researching more effective direct deposit methods.

The company offers a preferred customer recurring monthly account for those wanting to receive monthly products without needing to place orders. Preferred customers may purchase at the distributor price and also receive discounted shipping. Retail pricing is for customers who do not wish to be distributors. Preferred customers enjoy a much lower wholesale price.


Use the account manager system to access the many features including info, website stats, autoship information, orders, detailed commission and downline reports. Learn about the various marketing tools to help with sales efforts. Use the system to edit account information as needed and change autoship orders.

Learn about the combination marketing network and shopping techniques to enhance your business. Visit the SBA government website for information on how to set up your business legally. Study home business portals to learn about organization, income and expense tracking systems to make tax time easier. Learn about all of the tax benefits of running your own business to help defray advertising and other selling related costs.

Build business relationships through networking in online forums and associations. Make notes from experienced business owners, particularly those selling the Jerky Direct products. Pay attention to the various niche markets involved in selling the products. Customize a business marketing plan that is actionable so that you can see your progress along the way. Compare notes with other sales people that you meet through networking events and Jerky Direct.

Is It for You?

People who desire financial independence can do well with Jerky Direct. It is essential to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit and apply the various marketing principles that are designed to reap the benefits small business ownership.


Product shelf life is 18 months, but after the package is opened, it must be consumed within three to five days due to minimal processing. Autoship deliveries can take up to 10 days via the United States Postal Service, the most economical way to ship the products.

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